A Simple Guide for Every Girl for Smooth Shaving Experience

by Carter Toni

Body Hair removal is a monthly ritual for every girl. At times this might become a mundane process and quite irritating routine for us because this is how we set up our mind to wear that one-piece bought last month. As the majority of women opt for waxing which is quite painful, there are days when we have skipped the waxing schedule because of fear of pain or laziness. If you can relate to all these hair removal woes then hang on woman! We bring to you a painless and breezy hair removal process with the help of a lady shaver. Once you start using a lady shaver for hair removal, you will start counting your blessing as it offers smooth and soft skin without hurting and that too in the comfort zone of one’s home.

The reality behind painless shaving experience

Due to a lack of proper information, a lot of people think shaving has a lot of drawbacks. But in reality, these are all shaving myths that we think probably are true. But the fact is, shaving does not make hair thicker or hard as the hair regrowth pattern depends on hormones and genetics. Moreover having smooth and soft skin never means that you only have to approach the salon. Buying a good quality shaver is a one-time cost that we put for an effortless and cheap hair removal experience. And amidst all the chaos related to female shaving, VEGA Lady Shaver is the answer to all the common body shaving questions a woman has.

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Shaving Tips to Follow For Painless Hair Removal

Exfoliate the Skin

Before using any shaver, make sure to prepare and make your body ready for the process. Exfoliating and deep cleaning of body parts always helps to make the skin softer. Once the dead layer of the skin is removed, it is all set for shaving and the shaver easily glides on the hands and legs. Apply anybody cream or wash your body with lukewarm water to open the pores for a smooth shaving drive.

Use the Shaver for the Smaller Strokes 

Once you have applied the body cream or the oil to make skin moist and soft, you can check the shaver if it is all set to work. Make sure that the shaver is fully charged. Hold it in a steady position whichever suits your hands and start using it in the direction against the hair growth. For beginners, they can start hovering the shaver in the upward direction starting from ankle to thighs.

Shave After the Shower 

Normal tendency makes us shave the body hair and then take a shower. Dear young lady, if this is what you have done to date then go back in the opposite gear because this is the wrong way to shave. Shaving after the shower is the real call because it softens the skin and hair and makes it easy to rub the shaver on the body.

Wash and Rinse off the Skin after Shaving 

Once you are done shaving your body, you can clean your body with water and then rinse off the leftover hair particles from the skin. Next, take a clean towel and make sure to wipe the body and apply any moisturizer to make skin soft.

And exactly how VEGA Mystic Lady Shaver works on the skin and casts its magic. Now boost your confidence by not worrying about body hair as its just one click away to get hairless and smooth skin. Go shop our grooming appliancesfor women quickly!

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