Add Thrill To Your Event With Los Angeles Cover Bands

by James Martin

Music is the soul of every event. All the events, whether it’s a wedding or an anniversary party become amazing with 80s Music bands.

Look no further! If you’re looking for an exciting and energetic performance at your wedding, birthday party, house party, corporate parties, festivals, or events, FlashPants is here to take care of it. Till date, it’s the most hired band in California and performs more than 200 shows every year.

Curious about what 80’s Cover Band in San Francisco does? You’d be delighted to know that the 80’s Cover Band in San Francisco is the recent winner at ‘The Gong Show’. This show was judged by the celebrities, Will Arnett, Courteney Cox &Isla Fisher. All of the three gave FlashPants a thumbs up.

There were around 3 million viewers all across the globe to watch the 80’s Cover Band in San Francisco win the Season Finale of this amazing show. The host for The Gong Show was Mike Meyers who was disguised as ‘Tommy Maitland’, a fictional character. Even he’s in love with this super-awesome band.

Why People Choose Orange County Cover Bands in San Francisco?

  • Vegas-Style 80’s Performance – With them, you’ll be laughing your way down with the people you know, and making new friends. They are amazing in terms of reconciling the most famous 80s stars and celebrities. You’ll never feel the need for new ones because they add a unique taste to the old acts in a fresh way. The audience literally feels that they are back in their time of youth.
  • High Energy – One of the reasons for people choosing this band over any other live band is their energy. It’s contagious. They have a spark that no one else has. With FlashPants, you’ll definitely be the one who’s rocking the dance floor together with them. They combine the audience interaction and helps the people in having fun all night long.
  • Award-Winning Band – FlashPants has been on television every now and then. It’s been voted the ‘Best Live Band’ as well by O.C. Weekly’s Readers Poll for consecutive years. The band covers many locations like Oakland, San Rafael, San Jose, Burlingame, Sonoma, Marin counties, and beyond.

So, whenever you are planning to throw a party, and searching for a band that could help you in rocking the evening, then without any hesitation, you should go for Flash Pants. This is going to help you in enjoying your time to the fullest.

Get ready for an amazing experience with them!

You can book them for your private events or even public events. The choice is yours!








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