Athena EMR: The Promise of IT Delivered Services

by Carter Toni

Healthcare practices have long realized the need for having IT-driven services in their facilities. They are aware of the true potential that they can unveil by implementing IT solutions. Likewise, physicians know information technology needs the hour to deliver coordinated patient care and progressive treatment facilities. 

But, managing on-premise IT systems is no fun. It is an expensive and time-consuming option. This is where athena EMR wins the ground. The vendor promises an internet-service model packed with IT-driven features. It understands what this service means to providers and thus has designed an intuitive and easy-to-use healthcare solution. 

Breif Description of Athena EMR

Athena is a scalable EMR solution that shapes patient encounters into something productive and meaningful. It skillfully organizes and documents patient records by digitizing the patient database. This economically sustainable care management solution sets medical practices and large-scale organizations on the road to success. 

This network-enabled service serves an extensive chain of the healthcare community. It provides to-the-point care services for over 160,000 physicians and connects over 110 million patients nationwide. The users can rely on its capabilities, from handling essential patient records to planning out strategies for engaging patients. If you are confused about the feature then you can a free athena emr demo.

Athena EMR being a fully-functional software, improves the financial outcomes of clinical practices. It efficiently manages the revenue cycle, leaving no stone unturned for smooth clinical functioning. In addition, this vendor offers tailored to fit and customizable services from an individual perspective so practitioners can deliver the best-in-class services.

Besides this, the remarkable software is known for its fully-embedded mobile applications. It allows patients and physicians to view medical records anytime, anywhere. Here, we are going to explore its IT-driven capabilities to discover whether it delivers on what it promises. We will look into the services it offers along with their quality. So, stay tuned with us.

Coordinating Care With Athena EMR Software 

Researchers have identified the need for having information technology-based solutions in care centers. IT healthcare solution means a step towards progressive and well-coordinated care management. These solutions have the potential to offer efficient treatment facilities to patients. They even support services to tackle chronic patient conditions. 

Athena EMR software lives up to its name by assuring coordinated care services. It offers solid features like interoperability, telehealth, and integration to coordinate care over the network. In addition, it interlinks all clinical departments from a clinical and financial perspective and assures the staff and doctors are on the same page. This helps boost clinical effectiveness. 

By interlinking all departments, the vendor enables smooth data flow, which leads to faster data processing. It even supports administrative and financial aspects, as EHR, Practice management, and revenue cycle modules work in sync. Also, it keeps practitioners aware of what’s happening in the clinic and how effectively the processes are running. 

From a bigger perspective, athena EMR reviews show how this interoperable solution simplifies data sharing. Physicians can contact medical specialists globally to get insights into their patients’ cases. It enables physicians to provide first-rate care with zero error-induced elements. This is how this EHR system coordinates the care services across the healthcare ecosystem. 

Benefits of Athena EMR

Athena Community: The software taps into a broad healthcare community and features a robust integrated healthcare environment. It helps physicians integrate with beneficial care centers and large organizations. It serves a national footprint of over 80,000 medical providers. Being a part of this community, medical professionals can benefit from an extensive range of knowledge. 

Reduced Care Error: Automated processes of this solid system reduce the likelihood of errors in the data processing. For instance, it auto-checks e-prescriptions for harmful drug interactions and allergic reactions before sending them to pharmacies. This process improves the care outcomes and enhances the patient’s satisfaction level.

Task Management: There are tools for managing clinical tasks like patient check-ins. The system even handles the inventory management like a pro to figure out if there’s something needed to be restocked. It also creates automated work-lists and aligns tasks properly to ensure no task is left unattended. This increases staff effectiveness in the long run. 

Ease of Use: This is the unmatchable benefit of athena EMR as per user reviews. The system comes with a gentle learning curve. It is easy to get the hang of all its features, from e-prescription to reporting and analysis. Even a person with 35+ years of experience in the care industry can shift to this digital vendor without hassle. 

Responsiveness: The customer service of athenahealth is highly responsive. The support team masters the art of handling customers’ queries in no time. Compared to its competitors, athena EMR offers an impressive support desk and excellent customer service. All concerts and queries of clients are handled with care. 

Athena EMR demo

Athena provides a free athena EMR demo for its users. The software offers a 9-minute demonstration video that leverages the depth and breadth of the athenahealth platform. In this demo, the vendor has touched upon all its essential services. It works as a prompt walk-through for practitioners interested in learning details about the software before investing in it. 

Athena EMR Reviews

Athena EMR software works wonders for medical practices. It keeps data backup and prevents data crashes even if there is an electricity outage. The cloud-based solution gives instant access to data even on the go, which helps save service time. For customer service, this solution is a lifesaver. The support team tackles all problems readily by providing immediate assistance

Its patient portal is imposing and provides a series of features to patients. For example, patients can use it to view records, schedule appointments, clear invoices, and communicate with physicians. However, despite its array of services, reviews of athena EMR show it is an expensive option for small practices. 

Wrap Up With Athena EMR Cost: 

The software provides custom-based packages for its users. And it charges a percentage of revenue collection. Nevertheless, this customized quote and reduced costs initiative make it an attractive option. Even the price tag of athena EMR gives it a go. Physicians can rely on this system to deliver IT promised services. For sure, it serves as an effective way to deal with patients by featuring a coordinated care network. 

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