Awesome gift ideas for the vapers in your life

by Carter Toni

Awesome Gift Ideas for the Vapers in your Life

It is that time of the year where you need to gift special people in your life; vapers are not an exception in the priority list. However, finding awesome gifts for people who like to vape is a bit challenging and frustrating. I have created this blog to help you appreciate that special vaper in your life with a list of items they will love.

1. Starter kit

Starter kit is essential for vaper beginners. The vape starter kit consists of a battery, coil, tank and mouthpiece; therefore, a vaper will have numerous ways to enjoy in the world of vaping. Starter kits for vapers have different shapes and sizes; you can order one that fits your budget.

2. Subscribing to a vape magazine

Everyone wants to have the latest news concerning what they love doing. You should be aware by now if that vaper in your life is fun of educative materials. If so, then you may consider paying for them a subscription to a famous vaping magazine. There are several inspiration articles on Amazon at an affordable price range. One of the magazines that you can consider is vape news that has both entertaining and educational information. It offers detailed description of the vaping world and government rules.

3. Vape charger

If you have a vaper in your life who spends most time away from home, a vape charger would be so handy as they need to recharge the device. Identify the type of device they are using and gift them with an extra vape charger.

4. Custom made vape stand

Vapers with more years of vaping experience require a stand to maintain all tools they use. They love tinkering around with their vapes, so they need to have a vaping tool kit. Surprise that vaper in your life with a simple customized vape stand that has various storages. The stand will help them to preserve their juices. It is advisable to get a wooden stand with motivating engraving on vaping or their name.

5. Awesome vape juice basket

Vapers prefer to have several juices and never run out of stock. Velvet Cloud is a popular site that has quality vape juice with unique and tastier flavors. Opt for a basket with different flavors, including those that they have not tasted. It is rather not expensive, but the vaper in your life will experiment with various juice flavors in the market.

6.Personalized sleeve or case

Neat vapers have cases and sleeves to help them store their supplies and vapes together under safe storage. What does the vaper in your life love? You can purchase a custom-made vape pen sleeve with a positive message or a funny quote on vaping.

7. Gift card with vaping quote

Just like any other person you would wish to gift, vapers also love cards. If you are running short on your budget, consider getting a card with motivation and a fun quote on vaping. The vaper in your life will feel that you value them and respect their interests. You can also include a card in any of the gifts you choose for a vaper.

8. Air freshener

Vaping is an awesome feeling when in a new environment. Vaping smell may combine with other odors and give one an irritating smell. You can buy a friend a package of air fresheners, for example, the strawberry air freshener, to help them get rid of odors in the room.


You may be knowing a vaper in your life so well but getting the best gift is a real hustle. We have to appreciate them for who they are by making them feel special and part of us. For more information, here is a list of sources to refer to when it comes to gifting vapers;



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