Benefits for medicine buy online app

by James Martin

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Medicine buy online app

Everything around us is online in this day of social media and the internet, so why can’t we acquire our medicines from an online pharmacy?

Yes, online pharmacies are the future.

The online pharmacy is the most convenient and rapid place to get medications over the internet. E-pharmacy, internet pharmacy, and mail-order pharmacies are all terms used to describe online pharmacies.

How does the medicine buy online app work?

Customers can submit a scanned copy of their prescription and place medicine orders through a medicine buy online app using various devices which you have.

Each order must be authenticated and evaluated by trained pharmacists beforeSome some portals provide the delivery of medication to the consumer.

Benefits of medicine buy online app


Because it is difficult for the elderly, physically challenged, and working professionals to go to a local medical shop, online pharmacies provide a simple option for them to buy medicine.


Using an online pharmacy saves you time and effort; in just a few minutes, you can visit an E-pharmacy website and purchase any prescription medication you require. It helps you save time by eliminating the need to go to your local pharmacy and wait in line for medication.


Medicine purchased from an E-pharmacy is less expensive than a drug purchased from a local medical store since the medicine is sent straight from the manufacturer to the store, eliminating the need for a middleman. They will also give you a discount if you buy a lot of things.

Information is private and confidential:

In an online pharmacy, the information you supply during the purchase of medicine is often kept private and secret. This method is useful for people who are embarrassed or ashamed to talk about erectile dysfunction, acne, STDs, or hair loss in front of others.

Variety of possibilities:

E-pharmacies have larger drug inventories than traditional pharmacies, and therefore provide a wider range of selections. As a result, you may be certain that you will be able to obtain whatever medicine you require.

Online medicine purchase discount

While most of us budget for major medical bills such as surgery and hospitalisation, we often neglect smaller expenses. What we don’t consider is the substantial amount of money spent on medication each month, particularly for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Office, the ordinary Indian spends over 70% of his out-of-pocket healthcare costs on drugs alone.

Look for some alternatives.

Generic medications are the same as branded or patented drugs, and they have the same effects, but they are far less expensive. India is one of the world’s leading producers of generic medications, accounting for approximately 75% of the global market. Choosing generic substitutes or alternative brands might easily save you 50-70 percent on online medicine purchases. For example, Azto (a cholesterol-lowering medicine) costs Rs 53 for a ten-strip pack, but Ozovas (a drug with the same active component (Atorvastatin) but no brand name) costs Rs 19 for a seven-strip pack. Encourage your doctor to add the words “allow generic replacement” to all of your prescriptions.

For each brand, there are various less expensive alternatives made by respectable pharmaceutical businesses that may be found online through e-pharmacy websites.

Another alternative is to look for drugs that contain other salts from the same pharmacological family and are potentially less expensive. For example, atorvastatin and rosuvastatin belong to the same pharmacological class of cardiovascular disease prevention drugs. Price regulation is in place for Atorvastatin, but not for Rosuvastatin.”Ask your doctor if the more expensive class is necessary or if the less expensive class will suffice.”

Find a bargain

Because they negotiate at scale and do not have overheads like expensive leases, online pharmacy portals frequently offer better prices than your local medical store. While most medical stores provide senior citizens discounts of up to 10% or 15%, numerous internet portals such as Netmeds, 1mg, and Medplusmart offer discounts of up to 30%. Through flexible rewards and loyalty programs, certain sites also provide cashback and special discounts to new and returning consumers. There are also portals that provide 40-50 percent savings, but their reach is limited to a few cities.

If you buy medications frequently and in large quantities, you can save a lot of money this way. Every month, Juzer Kapadia of Mumbai purchases medicines worth Rs 4,000 from internet sites, saving nearly 25%. “Every year, I save around Rs 12,000 by ordering medicines for my parents online,” he says.

“People with chronic illnesses spend approximately Rs 1 lakh on medication every year.” If they obtain a 20% discount on internet drug purchases, they might save up to Rs 20,000 each year.

Various internet portals also provide coupons regularly, which can significantly reduce the total cost of medicines. Keep a lookout for offers like these, as well as special discount days like World Heart Health Day.






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