Best Android Spy App for Evaluating Employee Performance

by Carter Toni

If you have some know-how of the business sector or you belong to the corporate level in any way then you must know the importance of the evaluation process. The most important tool that is used to assess the overall productivity of employees and the organization is the evaluation.  Back in the day, there were custom ways that involved manual or personal implications. Higher authorities hire special persons or give additional charges to some of the employers so that they assess and evaluate all the employees under a specific department.

That kind of evaluation has its own pros and cons. The evaluationmay be a biased opinion of a person that is not based on real work reports or the productivity of an employee. In simple words, you may be listed asa bad employee if the boss has some kind of personal grudge against you or can get a promotion just because you help the boss in his chores and you are way behind in the organizational work. With time technology took over the evaluation process and that was the start of a fair assessment process. In the latest news now evaluations are like a daily hourly process. You can know how much your employee did work in a day or wasted in useless activities. One way to keep a thorough check on the daily activities of the employees is through the use of monitoring software and one of the best android spy apps that can help you achieve this goal is the OgyMogy.

With advanced technology,on the one side work life is getting simple or and easier but on the other hand, employees find it easy to deceive employers at work.

  • According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, business losses are reaching up to $50 billion due to employee theft and it’s increasing at the rate of 15 % every year.

Here is how a phone spy app like the OgyMogy is your best bet in the employee monitoring circle.

Check The Punctuality Rate:

Punctuality is the basic thing that an employee must be evaluated at. The person who skips work regularly or is late to come and early to leave is not considered a good employee. With the OgyMogy location tracking feature, you can keep up with their whereabouts with accurate time frame information easily. Use the feature to know where they are and how much time they spend on outdoor work-related chores.

Know-How Much Time Is Wasted On CellPhone:

An employer can use the phone spy app on the company-owned device and can monitor cellphone activities during working hours. Check if they spend too much timeon useless activities like social media or internet surfing and take action against all those involved.

Fair Work Distribution Is The Key:

Fair work distribution is necessary to ensure a healthy environment in the team. Unity and loyalty are only possible if all the team members are satisfied with each other contribution and no one is unsatisfied with the work distribution. With access to the direct screen of the employee, you can check the overall teamwork distribution and outcome on a regular level.

Check the Daily/Hourly Work Reports:

Monitor each employee and find out the time take on the assigned task. OgyMogy best android spy applets the user know about all the screen activities with timestamp information. You can know how much the screen was left idle and how much time was taken to complete a minor or major task. You can even check if the assigned work was done by the target employee or someone else by using the camera bug feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app.

Monitor The Email Correspondence:

Email correspondence can be remotely monitored by using the email monitoring feature and keystroke logging feature. Users have access to all the received and sentemails along with attachment history detail as well. You can check the time information and email content and track any illegal sharing of confidential information beforehand with the help of a spy app.

No Place For Work Bullies:

A toxic-free work environment improves the overall productivity of the employees. Make sure you offer equal opportunities to all the employees.

Only an efficient spy app can help you in the best way to evaluate employees.

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