Best Friends In Weight Loss Journey

by Carter Toni

Looking for best friends on my weight loss journey? You have to pick with care because only with the right friend, you can reach your goals. As our diet is predominated by high levels of carbs, we are unable to get the right nourishment to maintain proper weight, which is the main cause of our woes of weight gain. Sedentary lifestyle or lack of proper physical activities only increases our woes. Myprotein India has come up with a wide range of supplements which are your true friends in weight loss journey. Wide range of vitamins and minerals, protein supplements, bars, and snacks from the house of Myprotein India are highly effective in your weightloss journey but no much effects can be seen in absence of some healthy points like:

  • Small physical activity: People don’t take out time for intense exercises due to their busy schedules. But it is very easy to do some small physical activities like standing more often while working on a laptop. Do stretching exercises more often whether it is just after getting up the bed or while sitting on a chair in the office. Go for water or tea by yourself and make some small steps.
  • Eat light but healthy: Supplements from the Myprotein India are good but you should have them with natural sources of nutrients like milk, juice, bread, and others. Start your day with muesli, oats, peanut butter protein or other digestible and healthy foods. Have the protein pars, snack bars, with you for small hunger pangs. Try to take nutrients from the liquid source as these are very effective and help you to lose weight.
  • Increase water consumption: Nutrients must reach different parts of the body for better effects. Water helps the nutrients transport different parts of the body so that nourishment would be sure. So, increase your water intake that also helps in burning fats and converting it to energy. Eight glasses of water are usually recommended but it completely depends on your physical activities.
  • Laugh more often: All we have heard about the laughing therapy and its wide range of health benefits. Laughing can help to boost your moods and motivate you to workout. This stress reliever can improve your cardiovascular health, work on your abs, increase blood circulation, and produce overall wellness along with weight management.
  • Sleep: Taking a nap can boost your mental alertness that can improve your productivity. Sleeping in the night is very useful as it helps in hormone production that boost metabolism and immunity that help in converting fats into energy. Usually, eight hours of sleep is recommended but sound sleep matters the most. 


Supplements are important to achieve any fitness goals in a faster way but you have to maintain some healthy habits along with it. With the right combinations of nutrients, physical activity, and habits, your body is able to get an environment which is widely recommended for a healthy lifestyle and better weight management. Yes, with these healthy activities, you lose weight but not muscles. Manage your weight and stay healthy.

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