Best Glass Software for Point-of-Sale

by Glenn Maxwell

GlassManager is one of the most emerging software in the market, and it has already helped thousands of glass shops run smoothly while keeping expenses low and earnings high. Pricing, billing, invoicing, payments, quotations, work orders, inventory management, supplies, profit calculations, labor expenses, ordering, cutting and design, and a whole lot more are all handled by this glazier software.

Best Glass Softwar

We handle your business goals so you can focus on what you do best: providing high-quality products and service to your clients.

GlassManager is a POS (Point-of-sale) and shop management system for auto and/or flat glass firms that streamlines and simplifies every step of the job cycle, from quoting to invoicing.

Point-of-sale systems that are generic software can’t figure out how much a piece of glass costs. GlassManager is priced per inch, holes and cutouts are priced per unit, and the cost of each increase as the thickness of the glass increases.

GlassManager understands this. It can tell you how much glass weighs in your job so you can figure out if you’ll need two guys on site to lift it, which will affect your labour costs.

What does this imply for you personally?

  • Quoting takes minutes, not hours, and everyone in the company can do it.
  • Jobs are priced consistently throughout the company, making cash flow more manageable.
  • Reports on margin analysis demonstrate where your glass firm is making or losing money.

Our main features that make us stand out of the competition! 

  • Mobile App for Glass Business

Field employees can access their task calendar, as well as contribute documents, photos, and notes to a project, estimate, or work order.

While on the job, field personnel can track time against jobs on their PC or mobile device. Billable project hours are immediately computed for future invoicing. Managers and owners can precisely analyse profitability and staff productivity on each job by tracking time against jobs. 

  • Estimates & Quotes

Best Glass Estimates & Quotes software. It’s simple and quick to produce and distribute quotations to your customers using GlassManager. Simply choose and enter pre-defined materials and templates, send emails and attachments directly from the software, and give your customers internet access to estimates so they can examine, approve, and even make deposits at any time from any device.

  • Customer Management

Create a comprehensive picture of all your clients’ information and quickly drill down to all papers and project details linked with each one.

  • Glass Materials Management

Our team collaborates with you to import information on the materials you install, including specifics and pricing. All papers generated by our glass shop management software, including estimates, invoices, and purchase orders, include these facts.

  • AIA Style Billing

GlassManager is where you can manage your AIA projects. With just one tool, you can set your scheduled values, fill out the relevant documents, and bill your clients based on their progress.

Don’t settle with mediocrity… Get the best glass software to put your company ahead of the competition! Profit from our current Special Offer.

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