Best tips for ensuring healthy travelling during the pandemic

by Carter Toni

Although it has become safer to travel now because of increase in the awareness about the pandemic and number of vaccines administered, there are still some health concerns for adultery people who are more vulnerable. Below are some tips to ensure that you remain healthy when you reach the destination:

Keep track of your health situation:

It is important to keep it in mind that everything related to COVID-19 should be individualised because the harmful effects and symptoms of the disease totally vary from person to person. Some people are least bothered by the virus while some remain sick for days. So, if you had been COVID positive in past but you recovered, it is important to ensure that you are fit as fiddle when you reach your destination since you might put your health at risk if you catch the virus again

Go for antigen testing:

Antigen testing is considered as a quick way to know if you have caught the virus or not. This test generally checks if your body contains antigen or not. Absence of the antigen means your body is free from the virus. Rapid antigen test is a sure fire way to do the right and accurate diagnostic. and know more about it. It is important to get tested before you decide to travel because you may put health of many people at risk if you were exposed to the disease and you have not been tested

Determine positivity rate of covid in your destination area:

Even if you are vaccinated and healthy, what draws concerns before travelling is how much the destination is infected. If the area you are moving to is red hot, you will definitely fall ill as soon as you reach there even if you have been vaccinated

It is advised to visit the official website of the country you are going and see the positivity rate of that particular area you are heading to. If this area is on high alert, it is better to postpone your journey for a while until things revert to normalcy.

Determine how you are travelling:

Which mode of transportation you have chosen for travelling also matters a lot. If your health is at risk, you should never choose public transport to travel. Moreover, choosing plane as a mode of transportation also requires you take some additional steps.

Check the cleaning protocols of the hotel:

Before you head to the hotel or the rental property where you are going to stay temporarily, you must check the cleaning protocols. Furthermore, also see what steps the hotel is taking to ensure social distancing.

Remember that you should not shy away while asking about the efforts of the hotel or rental property to keep their guests safe. This is an important step that must be taken before you start travelling so that so that you don’t have to be in an unsafe place even for a small amount of time.

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