Bigg Boss Aari wife’s surprise gift to her husband on their wedding anniversary!

by Glenn Maxwell

Opinions happen to be shared among viewers that Aari, among the Bigg Boss Season 4 contestants, is playing honestly and the man has an opportunity to go completely towards the finals.

Within this situation, his wife Nadia made an appearance on Bigg Boss TV around the eve of Aari’s big day. Aari’s wife Nadia, who then congratulated her husband on his big day, stated that they had been separated once around the big day which it was the 2nd some time and that they misses him a lot.

She also stated that they had made paal kozhukattai and sent it to him yet others on valentine’s day. She also stated that Aari is playing well in the Bigg Boss house, and all sorts of their buddies and relatives are congratulating and appreciating his game play.

Similarly, Aari’s daughter also made an appearance within the video and welcomed Aari in Tamil. Aari’s wife Nadia is definitely an Eelam Tamil lady from Sri Lanka.

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