Bigg Boss Som Sekhar is in love with this contestant and it’s not Ramya Pandiyan!

by Glenn Maxwell

The Diwali celebration has began in the Bigg Boss house. If you watch the promos, it appears that the contestants have been in a mood for celebration. There is talk that SomaSekar is deeply in love with Ramya Pandian this year. Fans also commented on Twitter relating to this.

Presently, Suchithra is speaking about Soma Sekhar within the unseen videos. Suchitra states there’s another love within this house. She states Som is deeply in love with Samyuktha and the man already includes a sweet place on her in the heart. Sanam was shocked to listen to this from Suchi but Such assured that it is true and requested Sanam to talk to Som to understand much more about this.

It remains seen whether what she states holds true or otherwise.

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