Blackjack myths and misconceptions debunked

by Carter Toni

There are so many myths surrounding all aspects of life, including some of your favourite casino games. They are extremely interesting to learn, but it’s also great to know about them to make it clear what is real or fake in the casino world.

Find out what myths surround the popular table game Blackjack, so you can see which ones you might have believed when playing casino online!

The objective is to get as close to 21 as possible

Blackjack can also be called 21 and many believe that the main aim of the game is to get your hand as close to 21. Many people try to over-simplify the game by proclaiming this myth – if this is your aim, you will likely go bust.

The actual aim of the game is to beat the dealer by having a higher value than them, no matter what that number is, or not busting when the dealer does.

Avoid tables with bad players

Similarly to many casino games, some think that bad players can affect their game. In fact, if you aren’t the best Blackjack player, it will not affect everyone else’s gaming experience.

Bad players can cause the dealer to be unsuccessful, similarly to how the dealer can help them to succeed by pure chance. As the result of a game is entirely random, the outcomes can’t be predicted, so there’s no point in avoiding these tables.

The dealer always has a card with the value of 10

This is something that a lot of players assume, to try and get ahead of the game. However, only the 10, Jack, King and Queen are valued at 10, so this amounts to 30% out of a deck of cards.

Therefore, it is more likely that the dealer has cards that are not valued at 10, so it is an inaccurate assumption.

Picture cards follow picture cards

When you’re dealt a picture card, you might have the urge to stand on your current score for the fear of going bust, as you think another picture card will follow. Although, this is not correct.

Once you see a face card, the chances of another face card decrease because one has been removed.

You need to be amazing at maths to succeed

Wrong! While it helps to have strong math skills and those who have them may be more likely to succeed, it isn’t a requirement.

Learning how to play Blackjack is simple, whether you’re a maths whizz or not, yet this myth originated from experienced players who tried to learn card counting to succeed.

A new player ruins the game order

Many believe that this is sacred to a game, so if a new player joins or leaves mid-game, then the order of play is thrown off, decreasing your chances of taking home a prize. This is just a natural way of thinking, as humans look for any changes in an environment.

Yes, this will change the order of cards, but there is just as much chance that a new player being added into the game will help you to succeed, by chance. This is a common blame tactic, but is not true.

With a few myths to learn and debunk, see how these may change your thinking habits in your next game of Blackjack!

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