Bonding Renewed For A Season 2 By Netflix!

by Glenn Maxwell

Netflix has purchased an eight-episode second season of Connecting, rapid-form dark comedy series from creator Rightor Doyle (Craig), with Zoe Levin, Brendan Scannell, Micah Stock, and Theo Stockman confirmed to reprise their roles. Production has began now in New You are able to.

Written, directed, and created by Doyle, Connecting, whose episodes last between 12 and 18 minutes, is loosely according to his existence encounters. It concentrates on the connection between best buddies from senior high school, Pete (Scannell), a gay man who got out, and Tiff (Levin), a graduate student.

Doyle continues as executive producer, author, and director in season 2. Dara Gordon, Nina Soriano, and Jacob Perlin, and Patrick Holzman of Blackpills Content will also be

“We at Connecting couldn’t be prouder or even more excited to light another chapter in Tiff & Pete’s history with season 2,” stated Doyle. “We will also be delighted to utilize the BDSM community to create this year even more potent and much more exciting than ever before. Thanks to Netflix and also you, our viewers all over the world, for involved in our show. We’re so grateful.” soon with increased Connecting! “

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