Botox Treatment: The Cosmetic Marvel

by Glenn Maxwell

If you are aware of the skin treatments that can make you look younger, there is no way that you have missed out on Botox. Botox treatment is one of the most popular and sought-after anti-aging treatments across the globe.

Botulinum Toxin A is injected into the facial skin. This biochemical paralyzes the facial muscles temporarily and the subsequent muscle relaxation prevents the appearance of creases and wrinkles on the facial skin. Initially, in the year 1989, Botox has used as a muscle relaxer in treating various spasmatic disorders. Later on, when it was discovered effective to bid farewell to facial wrinkles, it rose to power and glory.

Botox has since then been used as a successful cosmetic treatment immensely popular among people. With minimal invasion, a botox injection can bring about significant visible results.

Preparing for Botox

Before we talk about Botox treatment and how it can be beneficial for your skin, it is equally important to emphasize the fact that you need to get your Botox treatment done by the best botox doctor to avoid any unfavorable consequences.

Before getting into the actual procedure of injecting the botulinum toxin into the skin layer, it is important to oreo up the skin for the treatment. Usually, the skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove any makeup or remnant dirt that may diminish the effectiveness of the treatment.

Usually, the physicians take a detailed medical history of the patient before starting with Botox treatment. This is precise because if you have allergies or any other type of physiological issues, Botox may not be a good idea. Also, certain medications for example blood thinners have to be stopped prior to the treatment.

More About Botox Treatment

Botulinum toxin is usually injected at certain strategic facial areas such as the eyebrow region, crow’s feet area (corner of the eyes).

Botox treatment works by physicochemical mechanism. It paralyzes the facial muscles temporarily and also blocks the conduction of nerve signals in the corresponding area thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Some people are too cautious about the pain they might suffer during the Botox treatment. However, that is not true. Local anesthesia is used for botox treatment. Usually a topical anaesthetic ointment is used for numbing the area.

The effect of Botox treatment usually lasts for 3 to 6 months. So this one is really helpful from all perspectives. Also Botox is not very expensive.

Final Words

Botox is an amazing treatment often attributed as miraculous but only if you get it done under the supervision of the best skin doctor in Delhi. So, when are you planning to schedule your botox treatment?

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