The Truth About Anti Aging Products: Is It A Myth?

by Carter Toni

Gerascophobia is a phenomenon that has been commercialized by skincare product manufacturers for centuries now.

Sensing the aging effects on anyone’s skin can be a dreadful thought. And, when you finally start experiencing, we begin with trying every anti-aging skincare product out there for our advantage. This is one of the reasons why anti-aging skincare is still dominating the cosmetic world.

Now, this is not an article discussing the psychology behind the obsession of youth looking for skin; rather, we will be deciphering some myths and truths about anti-aging products.

So, if you feel slightly skeptical about buying the best skincare product in the market because it looks too good to be true, the expert below might be of help.

Are Anti-aging Products A Myth? 

First and foremost, let me debunk one myth. No amount of olive oil can reverse the effect of aging on your body. So stop lathering yourself with it. Although it is good for your skin, a considerable amount is enough.

To all of our surprises, simply moisturizing every day is also not the best solution for anti-aging. Therefore, here are a few more myths which you should stop believing about anti-aging products.

Myth 1: More Products Means More Effect 

It is again about slathering yourself with the product with the hope that it can bring more results. It is something that could be stated as nothing but a ridiculous myth. Many anti aging products have properties that can slow the process or reverse it to some extent.

But, you are not helping in speeding the effect simply because you are using more. On top of that, it can really clog your pores and start irritating skin to breakouts. Let’s be honest; neither of us like adult acne at the age of thirty.

Myth 2: Chemical Peels Are Damaging Your Skin 

When the first sign of aging hits, we are always looking for products and solutions to reverse them. A chemical peel is one of the cosmetic procedures that can help you do it.

However, most people quickly jump to the judgment that chemical peels have a drastic effect on your skin. Dermatologists have debunked the theory, calling it to be absolutely untrue. Because skincare has advanced with time and the chemical peels which are used now have much milder properties.

They will not irritate your kind, nor will it make them red to the point of no return. Ghkcu is such a popular product for its anti-aging, hair-growth, and regenerative effect. Learn more about ghkcu.

Myth 3: You Can Stop Using Sunscreen After A Certain Age 

No matter how good your anti-aging product is, you can never stop using sunscreens. At a young age, we are always told to use sunscreen because it will decrease the effect of aging.

However, most believe that once they start using the anti-aging products because the aging effects have already commenced. This is the biggest stigma that we need to debunk because sunscreen penetrates our skin just the same.

So, never stop applying sunscreen. It is a mandatory part of your screen care routine, no matter the age.

Myth 4- The Results Are Quick 

People make snap judgments about a product when they suddenly realize that the product is not giving them the results in the desired time.

For most people, it is generally overnight!

This myth originates from false advertisements. Therefore, you should know that anti-aging products will have the elements that will help your skin. However, if you start expecting results at a light-year speed, no product can match that.

You have to start using the product every day and have patience for the results to be visible.

To Conclude 

When we talk about anti-aging things, you should always remember one rule. Nothing will happen miraculously, even if the actresses in the advertisements seem to swear on the properties of hyaluronic acid.

Anti-aging skincare products are simply a part of the routine. Other than that, there are several other mandatory elements to decrease the process of aging. They include and good diet, exercise, and most importantly, sunscreen.

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