Brilliant Career Paths You Might Be Interested In

by Carter Toni

The vast majority of your adult life will be dominated by your career. So, you want to be sure that you get into a field that brings you happiness and purpose. After all, you don’t want to be miserable for the majority of your life.

Deciding on Your Career

There are three key points that you should always consider when you are deciding on a career path.

  1. What You’re Good At. This refers to everything and anything that you believe yourself to be good at. Talent and skill are important factors in your career after all.
  2. What You Enjoy. This is probably the most important element. Anything you like to do, the things that make you happy, these are the things you should keep in mind.
  3. What People Will Pay You to Do. Finally, this point is, unfortunately, just as important as the others, and is generally what marks the difference between a hobby and a career.

If you can find a career path that crosses over with each of these categories, then it should be a career path that will not only be lucrative, but also something you will genuinely love.


If you like the idea of renting out a property to someone and not really having to have that much involvement beyond that point, then working as a landlord is a great way for you to make your living. In fact, if you have enough properties, you could support yourself entirely off of passive income from the properties you own. By working with an agency that handles rental property management Washington DC, or anywhere else, you could remove almost all responsibility for your properties from your shoulders and simply enjoy the benefits of passive income.

Video Game Developer

The video game industry is both highly lucrative and enormously popular, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for video games developers to jump into the mix. Unfortunately, it also means that there is plenty of competition within the industry, which means you need to be able to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Voice Actor

One of the most fascinating career paths there is, is to provide voices to the myriad digital characters that dot the landscape of popular media. From video games to radio ads to animated movies, there are plenty of opportunities for a skilled voice actor to make their living. However, breaking into the industry may be harder than you think.


Finally, freelancing is always an interesting way to make a living. This field requires a strong work ethic and the discipline to control yourself, but often the rewards of working freelance are worth the cost. There are many kinds of freelance work you may be interested in, but a couple are detailed below.

Writing. If you’re good with words and quick with a keyboard, then there is no shortage of freelance writing work to be found online. Just be sure to do your research.

Art. Similarly, those who are skilled with a brush and can work to a brief should have plenty of luck finding commissions for their work online. You just need to be sure you don’t undersell the value of your time.

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