What is the Key to Master Social Media and Pursue a Career?

by Carter Toni

Social Media!! Today the term has become so powerful that each and everyone wishes to be there and stay active all the time. People have become social freaks and always want to create a strong presence over different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Did You Know?

Nearly half of the internet users (around 44.8%) across the globe rely on social media to get brand information in 2020.

The power of social media can be seen with millions of examples across the world, the latest one being a young boy Sahdev Dirdo who has become a sensational singer overnight and is just 13!!

Millions of NGOs, businesses, freelancers, local stores, and even small and local resellers find social media as a perfect medium to launch and grow their businesses. Even big and established names hire professionals with social media certification to make their businesses, products, and services thrive in the market.

It is truly said that no matter how potent your products or services are if proper marketing measures are not taken, it is likely that it doesn’t receive a response in the market. This is why professionals with social media expertise are required everywhere in the market, be it a startup or an established organization.

If you are looking towards launching your career in social media management, you have landed at the right place. The median annual salary of a social media manager in the US is around USD 55,199, as per data provided by Glassdoor.

Let’s now look at who is a social media manager and how you can become one.

Who is a Social Media Manager?

In an organization, a social media manager has to play the role of a content creator, crisis comms coordinator, video editor, customer support executive, digital strategist, graphic designer, general scapegoat, gen z translator, and occasional IT trainer.

A typical job description of a social media manager is given below:

  • Develop content calendars and schedule or publish content.
  • Community management may include responding to comments or flagging issues to related teams.
  • Own a channel for all social media accounts that includes knowing best practices of every channel, adapting content across various channels, and the in and out of the content.
  • Develop campaign plans for marketing priorities and business that may include rebrands, product launches, contests, awareness campaigns, etc.
  • Support efforts made for influencer marketing including reposting content, engaging with posts of influencers, etc.
  • Look after the content and provide feedback.
  • Make weekly and monthly reports.
  • Stay updated with social media features and networks.
  • Make curated content that may include taking pictures, designing and modifying graphics, writing copy, editing videos, and contributing to editorial content.

How To Become One?

Introduction to Social Media Certification Training

1. Acquire a degree in communications or marketing

The most important key to pursue a degree in social media marketing is to have a degree that emphasizes communications or writing. After all, employers wish to hire candidates who can highlight their design and writing skills and are well-rounded social media candidates.

2. Stay updated with industry tools and techniques

Your top priorities as a social media manager should be:

  • Excellent content and storytelling
  • Understand analytics properly and make changes accordingly
  • Keep engaged with your community

3. Try to grab social media opportunities everywhere

Regardless of the role you play, you can always look for an opportunity over social media, to promote your products or services. You never know what an opportunity can be, it may be a regular Twitter chat that may make you conclude the ways of thriving in digital conversation.

4. You are always on surveillance, remember!

When you create a strong presence over any platform and keep on with consistent posting, it can be beneficial for promoting your brand. But then, you have to be very careful while giving reviews to any post or commenting on anything. Because you are being watched. So, think carefully before you post.

5. Identify brands that you admire and follow them

A marketing manager from a LA digital agency says, ‘if you love the company you work for, storytelling is easy and fun, and social media management will come naturally’.

So, chalk down the companies you wish to work for, and look for their career pages. This can be an innovative approach to social media and it is possible that you land up to your social media marketing job in the company of your dreams.

6. Create an online portfolio and show it off

If you wish to get hired, create an online portfolio as a sample profile for the company you are approaching in advance. If you have a portfolio or work to show and are present at the forefront of social media, you are most likely to get hired. When you are already actively present on any platform, the employer is impressed.

7. Reveal great time management skills

One of the prominent reasons people look for products or services online is that they are time-saving as they don’t have to physically visit the store to purchase the stuff.

So you have to be deliberate about the time you invest in marketing your products or services; otherwise, there is so much stuff on these platforms that people get stuck in the weeds very easily. So you need to keep working at work to make a good boundary to maintain.

8. Connection is all that you need!

Social media platforms are only meant to make people stay connected. Marketing and all came next. So, your primary goal should be to keep connected in order to humanize your brand to relate to your customers. You have to build such a relationship with your customers that you influence their mindset.

9. Get Certified

There are many certifications out there in the market that you can pursue and land your dream job in social media management.


The key tips to master social media are mentioned above that require you to create an impressive presence over these platforms and have a degree in communications or marketing. If you have a certification added to your resume, that can be really beneficial.

To get certified, go with an online training course. These courses are curated to train you in and out with all the stuff required to become a social media manager.

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