Certain Occasions That Calls For A Cake

by Ana Joey

As soon as you think of an occasion, the first thing that comes to mind is a cake. A cake that perfectly goes with your feast, and everybody loves to devour it. But do you know, not every cake is meant to fit every occasion and not every occasion calls for a cake. Certain events are incomplete without cutting a cake. Like there are certain traditional sweets for festivals, you would often see cakes trending for particular occasions. Also, if you wish to win someone’s heart, gifting a cake is quite an amusing option to choose. Well, as you are here to know about the occasions when you can get an online cake delivery in Bhubaneswar from reputed bakeries and cut a lip-smacking cake, then let us help you with it.


The day when you were born, you came into life calls for a grand celebration. It is an age-old ritual to cut a devouring cake and to celebrate it lavishly. It may be of a kid or an older person, but a cake-cutting ceremony is a must to have.


Who started the tradition of cutting a cake on an anniversary doesn’t matter. But why people celebrate it does matter. It is a celebration of love and togetherness, the bonding built in between the two souls who were unknown to each other. The way they handle every year’s mess gracefully is worth cherishing, so a cake cutting ceremony sounds like an ideal option here.

Valentine’s Day

It is said that for celebrating love, you need no specific day. But Valentine’s day is celebrated for love, for a fondness for one another. Exhibiting love for each other through a rush of sugar is quite a unique and accessible option available. So, why a cake for Valentine’s day is a must.

Baby Shower

Wishing a mommy-to-be a safe delivery and fulfilling parenthood is a kind of a must, and with a cake, it is for sure a cherishing ceremony. So, a baby shower also calls for a cake because mom-to-be usually love colours and delightful delicacies that satiate their taste buds. And what better gift to send than Bento Cakes that are just enough for 2 people? Check out the best homemade cakes at Cakeday Bakehouse in Bangalore.

Mother’s Day

One should always celebrate motherhood, making mommies feel good having a kid like you, but it surely needs a cake to make it remarkable as a specific occasion comes for them. Your mom is your number one priority, and the sacrifices she makes can’t be matched by anyone. So, celebrate her day with a mother’s day cake.

Father’s Day

Fathers are often called strict and discipline-friendly, but they are the best teacher who guides their kids in the right direction. So, as father’s day is one such occasion when you can celebrate the sacrifices dad makes, why not celebrate it with a cake? This occasion needs to have a cake for sure.

Farewell Party

A farewell might be of an employee or someone from school or college, but a farewell party should have a cake for sure. A cake that exhibits your emotions and their excitement of joining another place – Saying goodbye without a decadent cake is not an excellent choice to make.

If you are sitting in a different part of the world and are not being able to make it to your farewell party, you can always opt for cake delivery online. This will ensure that you are a part of the ceremony and are making your presence felt at the occasion. It will also send a positive message to your friends and teachers who are present at the farewell party.

Wedding Day

A beautiful, impressive tier cake for a wedding is always appreciated. This is also an age-old tradition that calls for a cake. A wedding is like starting a new era of life with someone you wish to spend your entire life with. It for sure needs to be started with a sweet, delicate cake. A cake is meant to wish the newlywed a happy and prosperous life ahead.


Not every festival needs cake, but Christmas is quite a different kind of festival celebrated worldwide with cakes traditionally made in other countries. The cake on Christmas is for the prosperous year ahead with friends and family.

New Year

When you ring into the new year, you wish to have an excellent and sorted year ahead. It is an age-old saying that anything or year should be started with a  sweet, so a cake looks like a good option to people. Also, in many countries, cake-cutting is a tradition of the new year.

Teacher’s Day

Celebrating a day where we appreciate teachers’ efforts and how they handle kids with patience pouring out their knowledge is essential. Teacher’s day calls for a cake, and therefore, a designer cake with words of affirmation for the teacher sounds like a great idea.

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