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by Glenn Maxwell

About CharmHealth

If you are your personal doctor, you’re acquainted with the sensation of juggling lots of documents, scheduling appointments, and supplying high-quality care. Consider a bit of software able to handle all your clumsy tasks. Our Charm Electronic health record review may be the guiding light you have been searching for.Charmhealth Electronic health record, founded in 2007, is really a one-stop look for electronic health records, practice management, patient management, medical billing, and telehealth. It’s meant for doctors with practices of any size and specialties. For that features it offers, the Charm Electronic health record prices is affordable.

CharmHealth is really a cloud-based electronic health record management solution. It’s HIPAA compliant and MU Stage 3- 2015 Edition Certified. Additionally, it is made to help medium and small ambulatory care practices create and manage patient documents everywhere on the web.

Based on CharmHealth reviews, the consumer interface is easy and simple to acknowledge, producing a more effective workflow. Significant features include integrated patient intake forms, multi-niche templates, e-Rx of controlled substances, referral modules, telehealth, inventory management, document management, and much more. Additionally, all of these functions are coupled with clinical decision support and analytical tools.

In addition, to satisfy your growing needs, CharmHealth’s marketplace ecosystem offers a number of mobile apps and add-ons having a quickly growing quantity of integration partners, in addition to easily available CharmHealth APIs, including FHIR APIs.

Highlighted Features

CharmHealth Patient Portal

Using the CharmHealth patient portal, patients can safely message providers, view visit summaries, handouts, treatment plans, Rx refills, settle payments, sign forms, schedule appointments, and much more. Additionally, this portal also works as a personal health portal, allowing patients to create wellness goals and track their progress toward them.

Another feature from the patient portal may be the Kiosk application, which asks patients to complete census, consent forms, and questionnaires to lessen check-in occasions. You will see the portal and it is abilities throughout the CharmHealth demo.


Telehealth is among the most recognized features, based on Charm Electronic health record reviews. It had been difficult to visit doctors for medical health advice as Covid-19 led to lockdowns and social isolation. The impressive telehealth abilities of CharmHealth Electronic health record allow practitioners and patients to switch advice straight from their very own homes.

The individual starts the procedure by scheduling and having to pay to have an appointment. Next, a physician conducts a relevant video consultation and prescribes medications around the scheduled appointment time and date. The physician may also talk to other medical professionals. Following a consultation, the individual gets to be a summary report and lab orders. This method is comparatively seamless and convenient for patients and providers.

Revenue Cycle Management

Charm’s medical billing and revenue management cycle features explain why it’s this type of popular choice among physicians. Because of the sophisticated dashboard, users can easily see claims, collections, receivables, and denials with average turnaround occasions instantly. Additionally, after medical consultations, this Electronic health record software generates invoices instantly and enables patients to pay for by debit and charge cards through the patient portal.

You may also send account statements to patients digitally to determine their expenses and insurance policy. Doctors using CharmhealthEHR may also manage patient insurance claims and conduct real-time eligibility checks to make sure proper insurance policy plans. In addition, this Electronic health record system includes analytical tools that demonstrate a clinical facility’s overall financial health.

Electronic Prescribing

E-prescribing is really a feature from the Charmhealth Electronic health record that time saving for everyone concerned whilst promoting accurate information exchange. The Charmhealth Electronic health record connects to in excess of 70,000 pharmacies, permitting the submission of electronic prescriptions and processing of drugs refill demands. Furthermore, Charmhealth Electronic health record connects with assorted laboratories, submitting and receiving lab orders digitally.

Cloud-based Interface

Charmhealth Electronic health record is cloud-based, meaning you have access to it from all over the world. Additionally, you are able to synchronize this Electronic health record software with any device, including smartphones, smartwatches, and tv screens.

Furthermore, Charmhealth Electronic health record users may use mobile phone applications to manage operational activities. For instance, the Scheduler Application enables you to definitely schedule appointments for the patients, as the Charm RCM application enables you to definitely view and manage health care insurance claims and collections.


A document management module is incorporated within the platform, allowing users to upload handouts, x-sun rays, consent forms, along with other documents and group/tag them into folders to create access simpler for staff.

  • The inventory management module enables practices to manage, dispense, and track stock of supplements, medications, along with other products.
  • Staff may also set custom to reorder thresholds for every inventory and run reports on stock levels, reorder levels, and drug expiration dates.
  • CharmHealth includes customizable SOAP templates that permit practitioners to rapidly record patient visits and store these questions database for future use.
  • With QuickBooks integration, users can manage transactional records, invoicing, along with other accounting operations.
  • You may also access CharmHealth’s mobile application to schedule appointments, conduct virtual calls, manage patient records, along with other processes.


  • It’s difficult to change a lab order associated with an encounter with the lab tab.
  • Billing must be updated because the current product is completely outdated.
  • Charm Electronic health record Prices

For any single practice with as many as 50 consultations monthly, CharmHealth provides a free plan. Fundamental Electronic health record software, document storage, medical billing, and customer support are incorporated.

By having an limitless quantity of practices and users, CharmHealth’s compensated plans provide more versatility. Charge card billing, limitless accessibility patient portal, E-prescriptions, and billing profiles are incorporated within the compensated plans.

Our Two Bits

Charmhealth Electronic health record is really a comprehensive Electronic health record system that enables users to make use of its numerous features. When compared with other Electronic health record systems, Charmhealth offers clients reasonable prices. A totally free plan provides you with an idea from the system’s advanced features. Additionally, you are able to plan a CharmHealth demo to understand more about the program. Furthermore, CharmHealth reviews help gain understanding of the program from the current users’ point of view.

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