Do Sit-Ups Really Give You Flat Tummy?

by Carter Toni

You do sit-ups daily, yet don’t have flat abs. Well, digest this: sit-ups alone won’t give you flat abs. Sit-ups strengthen and tone abdominal muscles, which lie beneath the fat layer; but they cannot help you burn belly fat.

To get flat tummy, you need to perform exercises that burn fat from the whole body. This also targets belly fat.

In spite of this…

…continue doing sit-ups, suggest fitness experts. Toned abdomen is essential to get the sensual slim look. Abs are part of body’s core. Strong core, say experts, helps in relieving back pain. You can perform daily activities with ease when your back is fine. It also improves your posture and balance; gives you the athletic form.

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Apart from sit-ups, the following exercises also help in toning abdominal muscles:

  • Exercises on stability ball
  • Bicycle  crunches
  • Knee raises

The American Council on Exercise published a study that showed that the above exercises target abs effectively.

Cardio works

The US Department of Health and Human Services suggests cardiovascular exercises to get flat stomach. It helps to burn calories. The recommended duration of exercise is 150-300 minutes of cardio every week.

One way to know whether you are doing cardio up to the level of burning fat is: you must be able to talk during and after cardio, but not sing.

For busy people, splitting their exercise into three sessions in the entire day is a good idea. You could increase your cardio intensity to the extent that you are unable to talk during the exercise. High intensity workout duration should be half than normal one.

Fat burning pills Nowadays, you can find supplements that promise to slim you. They are designed to induce your body to burn more fat by increasing your metabolism and thermogenic rate. Most of them are found to work. Please consult a doctor before starting any kind of supplement. You must take them within recommended dose to be in the safe zone.

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