Does Hair Transplantation Work?

by James Martin


Hair transplant refers to taking a part of your hair from thicker areas and distributing it to the ones that suffer from hair loss. The transplant consists of numerous procedures. While plenty of options exist to choose from, grafting is found to be widely common.

The permanent hair loss cases take place when a patient has alopecia. Skyclinic deals with the cases of alopecia and helps the patients out in such matters.

What is the working of hair transplant?

The doctor takes a graft or small pieces of skin. This is done to the areas of your head where the hair seems to be thicker than other areas. These certain areas are named donor site since the hair transplanted in your suffering areas are extracted from the donor site. The donor site often exists at the head.

Once the grafting is done, the patient goes through a healing procedure. Later on, the growth of their hair is as normal as every time else.

What problems can hair restoration resolve?

Hair loss could be a cause of various reasons. In most cases, the hair loss is temporary, but such cases exist where people suffer from permanent hair loss. The problems that can be resolved through hair transplant at Skyclinic are:

• A disease of an autoimmune category that attacks hair follicles is named alopecia areata.

• Pattern baldness is caused by androgenic alopecia.

• Disease such as thyroid caused by hormonal imbalances.

• Burns and long-term scars

How much time require to recover from the surgery?

The procedure of hair transplant is outpatient. It means that in most cases, you are allowed to go home the same day of getting your surgery. However, the recovery process ideally depends upon the selection of your procedure. The basic routine after hair transplant surgery could be stated as:

• First Day: get your bandages removed.

• The second day: wash your hair thoroughly.

• Third to the fifth day: you can return to normal activities with a light load

• After ten days: get your stitches removed by the dedicated doctor

• After about three weeks: return to usual exercise and sports.

Is the hair transplant result long-lasting?

The procedure of hair transplant shows its real color in about a year. The transplanted hair may fall in the form of graft. Even though this seems like a thing of worry to people, it is completely normal and part of the process. To achieve the best possible results, you may require a few touch-ups even after the completion of your surgery.

What is the best time to consult my doctor after surgery?

It is ideal for getting several follow-ups by your doctor since it helps in reaching the best result. Moreover, your doctor needs to make sure that your healing is going properly and no problems are arising. Skyclinic provides you with a detailed plan of follow-ups concerning your treatment to help you out in your desired journey.

Even though you are to get follow-ups, it is important to identify some symptoms. In case of the following signs, contact your healthcare provider immediately:

• A constant fever

• Signs of bleeding at an excessive rate.

• Suffering from pain in scalp or signs of redness

• Any infection showing up, i.e., green or yellow pus coming out from cuts

Suppose you can’t find any hair growth procedure trusted enough for your hair. Hence it is vital to get in touch with a healthcare provider. Let them help you out in choosing what option is the best for you.

While going for the surgery, always look for a skilled professional with experience in both hair loss and restoration. Moreover, Skyclinic provides you with the best packages with feasible pricing since the cost of a hair transplant is the major factor in making the decision.

Final Verdict:

The procedure of taking out hair from one place and putting it in a naturally appealing manner to the affected area is called a hair transplant. People who have gone through several hair loss treatments but failed to get any acceptable result are highly recommended by Skyclinic to get their surgery done under the surveillance of highly skilled doctors.









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