How to Safely Remove and Dispose of Asbestos in Your Home

by Carter Toni

Remove and Dispose of Asbestos

Since it was discovered that asbestos has the hallmarks of causing damage to your health, people have been looking at ways of removing it. Identifying asbestos in a house can be a struggle, though, since you may not know what to look for. Lucky enough, several companies can help you remove it. However, the main question is, how do you know if there’s asbestos in your house? Other than the age of the house, there are plenty of other ideas you can use to identify if there’s asbestos in your building. The ideal thing to do, though, is to contact an asbestos removal company, and they can help you with it.

Before removing any asbestos in your home, you must first identify if there’s any asbestos in the house. The first thing you need to do to check if there’s asbestos in your house is check for abrasions, tears, and damages. If your suspicions are correct, you’ll find some of these signs around the house.

It would help if you were watchful of houses built anywhere between 1945 and the 1970s. During those times, asbestos was one of the common factors in building homes. You may need to now get in touch with professionals to help you check too if you have suspicions.

The first thing you need to do is contact an industrial hygiene company to help with the inspection. After the inspection, you can now contact an asbestos abatement contractor. They are the ones that will handle the removal and disposal of asbestos.

Tips to safe asbestos removal:

  • Ask for disposal manifest before the final signing
  • Only work with licensed contractors
  • Find out if the company has any safety violation case against them
  • Insist that only proper equipment is used for the job
  • Find out if the contractor has a general liability compensation policy
  • The industrial hygiene company needs to retake a look at the area after contamination is removed

Safety concerns that professional services observe

For example, when you contact Irwin Asbestos, you need to ensure they’ll observe the safety concerns you need to complete the project. They have a fantastic record and fantastic Google reviews as of this article but call them before hiring them to ensure they are the right fit for your removal project.

You may also need to check in with the local air pollution control board. This is likely the agency tasked with governing asbestos removal companies. They’ll show you if the service you are about to hire deals with their disposal in the proper manner. Also, when you find out about the suitable material for the job, it will be easier to tell if the company you hire is using the right ones. Any safety concerns by the professional service can easily be put to bed if you know what to look for.

Get It Removed

If your house has asbestos, you need to find ways to get it removed, and that is usually with the help of a professional service. But you need to make sure you are using the right company for the service.

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