Everything there is to know about Cottagecore

by Carter Toni

I welcome thee to Cottagecore

Will you please have a seat and enjoy some tea? Residing in a cottage surrounded by rolling hills, wildflowers, and numerous baskets have been relatively popular with the people. They have lived this way for centuries worldwide, according to history, and the cottagecore concept could be traced back to the countryside of ancient Greek approximately as old as 2,300 years.

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However, as larger cities and technology proliferated, people evolved, and most people have come of age from relatively simpler lifestyles. Recently, possibly because of technology in abundance, it appears that people have been searching for different ways to reconnect with their origins and environment.

It would not be wrong to suggest that we are going through our storybooks or reading Wilder and The Brothers Grimm by Laura Ingall. We have once again been following the easier way to live life. It is the one taking us back into the homes around the streams and fields, reliving the concept of “staying in your home.” Cottagecore exists in a dreamlike world.

Understanding Cottagecore

“Aesthetically, cottagecore glorifies basic existence, especially in the outskirts of the city.”

Cottagecore has been the style that embraces basic living, especially in rural areas. It promotes a way of living based on old-fashioned skills such as gardening, sewing your clothes, and baking bread. This fad gained traction in 2017, especially on blogging sites and social media, particularly Tumblr Instagram, and TikTok.

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The New York Times looks more into this as your zeal to live in a world other than the one in which we live.” In Isabel Slone’s story,” no phones are pinging continuously with updates in the cottagecore universe, no urgent emails related to work, and no evenings are spent answering the arduous demands of a despotic boss.” You would not find any employment outside the home, and daily duties are accomplished with a hazy sense of accomplishment.” Cottagecore, on the other hand, is all about living life now.

When I came across Jamie Beck’s Instagram account, I was introduced to cottagecore for the first time. She portrays her colorful lifestyle in a French region, Provence. She sips afternoon tea, strolls gracefully through the stimulating orchards, and holds flower bouquets believing she was in a revival oil painting. Warm pastels, dainty floral and flowing garments are all part of the cottagecore aesthetic.

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Cottagecore, on the other hand, did not start with any other modern social media celebrities or Beck, given its old background. The trend has been frequently associated with “Mori Kei”. The Japanese fashion style has been inspired by residing in the forest. The style is having its 2021 inspirational moment. No wonder, in the face of COVID, climate change, and political turmoil, we are looking for a lost way of life. After all, society has frequently resorted to the earlier time to seek relief from the present troubles.

The lifestyle provides a safe refuge and a getaway for historically marginalized communities. Cottagecore provides a secure and inviting environment for LGBTQ+ youth, where romance, tenderness, and open arms have become vital aspects of its beliefs. The trend presents an opportunity for Black women to resist earlier segregated settings and colonialism by reclaiming the “domestic feminine” movement. It would be worth mentioning that the movement had excluded them earlier.

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It is reassuring to believe that anyone may live a modest, visible existence.

How conscious is the Cottagecore Life

Cottagecore is designed to promote a sense of connection and sustainable living with the property. The movement encourages us to address the change in the climate and think about better care options for the environment. Accounts such as @simply.living.well encourage us to prudent living by replacing plastic with delicate wood or old glass in our houses. Even in limited metropolitan settings, a Flueranoor resident, Sumaiyah Noor inspires us to plant. Moreover, a hobbyist on the homestead, Jenny Ong pushes the people to conserve food and build a coop for chicken.

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Furthermore, the attire in this universe has been mostly old, with thrift items taking precedence over new clothing or clothes bought from stores. A fashion maven and interior designer @hillhousevintage, Paula Sutton has a delightful cottagecore experience. In front of her rustic home, she reads on blankets dressed up in traditional clothing. Her outfit is reminiscent of a bygone period and is quite relaxing to view.

These stories, as well as the need for cottagecore, emphasize slowing down and residing prudently. It is not limited to things you purchase; it is about your daily activities as well. You could choose to build a world filled with pleasant moments for you, while simultaneously thinking about how to make your home a suitable place to cultivate rather than a place for storing “stuff.”

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You should respect and care for the planet by paying attention to what you see outside every day. Cottagecore encourages patience within you and doing the best you can in your respective homes and for the planet, just as you would look after the herb garden, despite living in the cities.

Cottagecore encourages kindness within the people and does your best in your homes and for the planet.”

What Sustainable Brands do Cottagecore Inspire?

Are you a fan of the cottagecore aesthetic? Despite cottagecore has been all about keeping things simple and being satisfied with your belongings, you would relish including sustainable businesses and traditional Etsy shops into your wardrobes and homes. Various photographs and stuff to enjoy with a cup of tea may inspire your excursion into the cottagecore world.

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