Farm to Table On Wheels: 5 LA Food Trucks Sourcing Local Ingredients!

by Glenn Maxwell

1. Heirloom LA

Awarded BEST GOURMET FOOD TRUCK by La Magazine, Heirloom LA may be the foodie lover’s food truck dream. Think halibut with spicy tapenade and romesco. Or chocolate feuillentine crust with chocolate cake and caramelized chocolate mouse covered inside a chocolate covering topping. At Heirloom LA, they feel everybody ought to know what’s within their food and who grows and raises it, and also to have convenient use of fresh produce and wholegrain food. Heirloom is deeply dedicated to supporting small, local organic farms. Additionally they promote education and welfare around food health insurance and sustainability, including teaching cooking and diet classes at Challengers Boys and Women Club in South La.


2. The Eco-friendly Truck

The Eco-friendly Truck is seriously interested in its dedication to sustainability. Their commissary kitchen is solar-powered and also the veggie oil accustomed to prepare their meals are re-accustomed to power their food trucks the following day. The Great Truck’s good-for-you, good-for-the-planet menu includes entrees just like a Mother Truck driver vegan hamburger, Organic Chicken Pesto Sandwich along with a Kale Yeah Bowl. Individuals at Eco-friendly Truck avoid plastic and styrofoam by utilizing recyclable or compostable packaging and utensils. Actually, the packaging and utensils they compost are returned towards the farms that they source their ingredients to be able to grow more food. The Eco-friendly Truck buys in your area grown ingredients whenever you can simply because they be aware of tomato in your Mother Truck driver hamburger shouldn’t need to travel 2,000 miles only for lunch.


JUICEBOX is at the forefront for sustainable juice trucks. In an enormous amount of over-processed and underwhelming beverage options, JUICEBOX uses fresh, local, and organic produce to supply healthy, affordable, made-to-order juices. JUICEBOX brings sustainability into everything they are doing. They commute round the city inside a Mercedes-Benz BluTech sprinter running on Bio-Diesel, a plant based fuel and the majority of their produce is in your area sourced. Their periodic menu features vegetables and fruit hands selected in the Santa Monica Maqui berry farmers Market.

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4. Lets Be Frank

Street food enthusiasts, Sue and Ray began Lets Be Frank using the simple objective of altering the planet one waitress or at any given time. Sue and Ray were inspired by the concept that raising cows on grass creates a wholesome animal, a wholesome planet, and healthier beef. The Let us be Frank truck was produced to aid the couple of ranchers left in California who’re raising their cattle on pasture. At Let’s Be Frank, they craft scrumptious hotdogs and sausages from in your area elevated grass given beef without nitrates, hormones or steroids, which leads to a more and safer scrumptious product. The large red Lets Be Frank truck could be viewed hot-dogging round the roads of Silverlake and Culver City.

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5. Greenz on Wheelz

The Greenz on Wheelz truck is about getting the very best of fresh, healthy food choices to the local La neighborhoods. Salads, sandwiches and wraps produced from in your area grown, in your area sourced ingredients are offered in huge portions for that hungry, healthy eater.

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