Seas The Day: Interview With Jake & Caroline Danehy, Founders Of Fair Harbor Clothing!

by Glenn Maxwell

Meet Mike & Caroline Danehy, Founders Of Fair Harbor

Brothers and sisters and co-founders Mike and Caroline Danehy founded Fair Harbor much sooner than most entrepreneurs. In senior high school and college correspondingly, Caroline and Mike switched their passion for a sluggish and sustainable lifestyle they enjoyed as children around the beaches of recent You are able to right into a lucrative business producing board shorts from plastic. From pitching on Shark Tank to managing a effective crowdfunding campaign during final exams, their story sheds light about how a company is definitely an effective means to fix ecological problems, inspiring entrepreneurship even if it’s least expected.

The Shore IS CLEARLY Inside Your Bloodstream. BORN Only A BLOCK In The Sea IN FAIR HARBOR, NY, Inform Us Regarding Your INSPIRATION FOR LAUNCHING The Company. WHY BOARD SHORTS?

Our childhood summers put in Fair Harbor burning Island, NY, gave us the appreciation for clean beaches and minimalistic living the timeless island does not have any cars and truly embodies summer time simplicity. During Jake’s sophomore year at Colgate College, he was studying Geography and, more particularly, sea plastic. As Mike learned much more about the waste within our oceans, he grew to become really frustrated with this particular issue and began to consider new, innovative methods to transform plastic waste and exactly how people notice. Once we brainstormed, we found polyester that’s directly produced from plastic bottles. In this process, we stored thinking to our summer time days put in Fair Harbor and desired to connect individuals with a clear living lifestyle. Board shorts were a method to start transforming sea plastic into durable, stylish clothing while concurrently connecting people back using the sea.

“Board shorts were a method to start transforming sea plastic into durable, stylish clothing while concurrently connecting people back using the sea.”


Plastics were first integrated into society in early 1900s, after which using the introduction of World war 2, plastic really began to evolve. It’s an incredible material since it is pliable, cheap and sturdy, allowing us to produce vast amounts of affordable consumer goods. The issue we have arrived at know in today’s world, however, is the fact that plastic is very simple and easy , affordable to create and for that reason simple and easy , mindless to discard. Wonderful this single use plastic waste, when it’s not discarded properly and washes into our waterways, it makes a lot of trouble for ocean existence, and eventually our overall health. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, but instead breaks lower into smaller sized and smaller sized pieces, that are known as micro-plastics. These micro-plastics behave like sponges for toxins and therefore are ingested by wildlife. It’s very simple to disregard plastic after one use because most people don’t check this out impact it has.

“Our goal would be to help alter the way people plastic waste.”

From New You are able to to Australia, we’ve both observed an enormous quantity of garbage floating within our waters and it is incredibly disheartening. However, seeing the waste is much more motivation to carry on focusing on Fair Harbor. Our goal would be to help alter the way people plastic waste.

CLEARLY Enthusiastic About LEVERAGING Your Company To Lessen Ecological DEGRADATION, YOU BUILT One WITH BROAD APPEAL. That Which Was IT Prefer To PITCH ON SHARK TANK AND Operate A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN To Produce The Company?

Fair Harbor continues to be this type of great chance to learn and we’re constantly searching to enhance our pitches and campaigns. Colgate College continues to be instrumental in assisting us launch the organization. Through their entrepreneurship incubator program, we’ve received incredible the aid of their mentors while preparing for Shark Tank competition and crowdfunding campaigns.

Whenever we pitched in the Shark Tank, it had been very nerve racking. I had been a junior at Colgate and Caroline would be a senior in senior high school at that time. We have to have practiced that pitch a large number of occasions also it still scared the hell from us to obtain available online for before lots of people and also the esteemed panel. Once we moved on, we ongoing to evolve and refine our messaging. We launched our Kickstarter in December of 2015 when Caroline and that i both were knee-deep in get yourself ready for final exams. But, we’d to produce after that it to be able to purchase our production, since our months are short so we were using custom fabrics. It had been a wild month, but we could beat our goal by 225% inside a short time because of our buddies, family and early supporters.

Inform Us Much More About The Procedure MOVING FROM IDEATION THROUGH PRODUCTION? Could It Have Been Hard To INNOVATE ON EXISTING TEXTILES To Recognize ONE MADE Solely FROM Plastic?

Whenever we first began, we did lots of research making several samples with various fabrics to make certain that people were pleased with our product just before production. We’re still making changes to the designs and fabrics to enhance our styles. You should us that despite the fact that our polyester is created solely from plastic, we don’t sacrifice on quality or design. Individuals are constantly surprised about how soft and quick-drying our shorts are!

“It is essential to all of us that despite the fact that our polyester is created solely from plastic, we don’t sacrifice on quality or design.”

Like A Youthful ENTREPRENEUR Having A VERY Youthful BUSINESS, Exactly What Does Each Day Within The Existence Seem Like? How’s ENTREPRENEURSHIP Not The Same As That Which You EXPECTED?

Its funny, I (Mike) never really stated, “I wish to be a business owner.” I discovered an issue which i was angry about and a love for the atmosphere that drove me. I believe the greatest difference from the traditional job is the fact that on a daily basis is totally different. I’m always moving and doing various things. I attempt and awaken between 5:30am and 5:50am every single day to obtain began. I am going surfing a couple of times per week, and when there aren’t any waves I recieve in a workout before I mind to work. That can help me stay sane and calm throughout the day. I must stay awake pretty late some nights to be able to coordinate with this mills and factories in Asia. Overall, it’s the most enjoyable factor I’ve ever completed in my existence.

Fair Harbor continues to be this kind of incredible chance to learn for all of us. Beginning the company in the ground-up has truly forced us to know every some of it every day poses new challenges to beat. We’re in a really exciting time at this time and searching toward ongoing to grow Fair Harbor like a sustainable lifestyle brand.

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