How To Properly Clean And Care For Secondhand Clothing!

by Glenn Maxwell

Taking Care Of Pre-Owned Clothes

Recently, we printed a bit concerning the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing fast fashion secondhand and our readers introduced to the attention there are ongoing concerns concerning the hygiene degree of pre-loved pieces. Additionally, there’s still lots of confusion on how to correctly take care of these pieces! I have already unpacked how secondhand clothing is a vital resource with regards to remaining on the top of fashion’s cyclical nature and today I’m here to provide you with another reason, with good care, vintage and secondhand clothing could possibly be the response to all of your wardrobe needs.


If you are not completely obvious on which differentiates vintage from secondhand here’s quick tips: vintage means anything that has aged a minimum of twenty years (so yes, which means the 1990s are actually vintage) and secondhand describes clothing products which haven’t been around as lengthy but happen to be owned or worn before.

There’s always a little risk when purchasing vintage or secondhand clothing that something may go wrong because they’ve been worn before and they’ve been included along with other clothes that have was the ages. While researching with this piece, I happened upon articles that was hilariously quarrelling that vintage products break apart easily simply because they aren’t created to last-ha!

While secondhand clothing has more room for quality drops, most vintage clothing (especially pre-1980s) is much more structurally seem than many new clothes today. Additionally to quality drops in clothing production, using chemicals only has grown making the chance of shopping new potentially riskier in recent decades.

You need to realize new products, especially new clothes, aren’t safe from potential issues. Fresh clothes is frequently coated in chemicals, benzothiazoles, perfluorinated chemicals, and nonylphenol ethoxylates to avoid wrinkling or molding during shipping. – Paris To Visit

Altering Our Mindset About Pre-Worn Clothes

“But Audrey, it’s completely different!” I recieve it, it’s difficult to wrap the brain around a potential new meaning of cleanliness once the past 60 odd years continues to be training us to consider otherwise. Trust me, I realize the need to simply own pieces that are clean based on today’s standards. However, I believe there’s never been a much better time for you to employ the saying “what doesn’t kill you enables you to more powerful.”

“Letting go of the concept that everything should be sterilized with dangerous chemicals before we buy is the initial step in positively altering the way you consume.”

This doesn’t mean I’m encouraging you to definitely accept disgusting products or conditions, but releasing the concept that everything should be sterilized with dangerous chemicals before we buy is the initial step in positively altering the way you consume. Lastly, I’d prefer to drop which i visited school for costume design once more (okay, let’s be truthful, this will not be the final time) because vintage and pre-worn clothing comprises maybe 60% of on-set wardrobes. There wouldn’t be a lot of large costume houses which each and every hold an array of already worn clothes to rent, if vintage clothing wasn’t of high importance. We’ve a lot amazing clothing and textiles already at our disposal, it might be unfortunate down the sink it because of fear.

So perhaps you’re aboard using the whole ‘one man’s trash is yet another man’s treasure’ factor but you’re still just a little concern about getting home a stranger’s hands-me-downs. Take it easy, There is the back! Here are a few methods to neat and take care of your secondhand and vintage treasures.


The initial step to locating an attractive and safe vintage clothing item is vetting the store or business supplying secondhand pieces. Most vintage boutiques or independent vendors possess a thorough vetting process that belongs to them, although it never hurts to nicely question it when perusing an array of pre-loved special gems.

Things I could be a little more skeptical of is bigger secondhand chains, not simply because they do not have high standards however with a bigger selection, there’s certain to be room for error. This doesn’t mean don’t shop there, it simply needs a much deeper inspection on your part, the patron.


When looking for new-to-you wares, start looking for just about any apparent blemishes like large stains, holes, or excessively-extended fabric. While these aren’t sure indications of an irrevocably broken outfit, they are able to help help you within the right direction. Next, employ your olfaction. It’s not necessary not to become close up and private to know if your clothing item is emitting an uncomfortable odor, and it’ll immediately let you know in the event that piece continues to be correctly washed-or includes a more permanent smell.

Ultimately, the vetting process can be both you and your best judgment. These products could be imperfect, though that is not always an indication of poor care around the previous owner’s part, it’s just suggestive of a outfit that has been offer use.


If you’ve introduced home a bit which needs worksome work, don’t worry since the internet genuinely does have the solutions. From ink to sweat stains there’s an array of methods to treat your vintage wares without getting introducing chemical cleaners in to the mix. Sodium bicarbonate, like vinegar, is really a household merchandise that could work wonders on stains in and outdoors of the wardrobe. Peroxide is really a low-impact liquid which could remove blemishes. Even lemons may be used to naturally rid your clothing of unsightly spots!

Be sure that you perform a quick search on the internet for the specific stain removal needs before you run your clothing under warm water or blotting-in some instances, like oil or protein-based stains, it can make things worse. If you are searching for any one-stop-shop stain remover, brands like Buncha Farms sell natural stain removal sticks.


So, you’ve found an attractive item worth taking care of and you’re prepared to take it home! Wherever you purchase your vintage or secondhand products from, it’s usually wise to clean them before the first putting on. When the piece includes a visible care label follow individuals instructions carefully, ensuring to not ruin your brand-new find.

To make sure absolute obliteration of dangerous germs, you’ll wish to then add vinegar for your washing process, together with detergent. I lately discovered Eco Nuts and am excited to test their sustainable product, though readily available brands like Seventh Generation could work too.


In some instances, the concern label is going to be nowhere found (because they weren’t introduced before the early 1970s) or unreadable (washing can fade the writing with time). Whenever you encounter a classic item without any instructions regarding how to properly fix it, a much safer plan B would be to hands wash with natural detergents and stain removers.

Castile soap is generally my preferred hands washing assistant, especially since only a tiny bit of the liquid is needed to perform a thorough job, and also the substance may be used in a variety of different ways. Much like using the machine washing option, you’ll wish to give a little germ-killing vinegar for your water too.


In some instances, you may buy an intricate piece (think sequins, lace, or detailed embroidery) which feels too delicate to deal with by yourself. This is when dry cleaning could be plan C. It’s worth noting here that traditional dry cleaning utilizes a lot of dangerous chemicals which may be unhealthy for your atmosphere. Sidestep the hazard of likely to “regular” dry cleaners and rather look for a eco-friendly one.

An easy search on the internet will often make you a dependable business in your area or town, even though some areas round the country may need a little more analysis. Make certain to check on the website for info on what sort of products they are doing or don’t use, when they recycle their wardrobe hangers, and what types of products they accept. These companies will also be fantastic sources if you’ve just got questions regarding certain fabrics, cleaning processes, or safe stain removal. If you are searching in LA, I recommend Paragon Dry Cleaners in Hollywood, I’ve enjoyed their professional services for nearly 2 yrs and appreciate their honesty with regards to the potential risks of “wet cleaning” certain products. Understanding is power.

If you’re somebody that are able to afford to purchase sustainably-created fresh clothes, then I’m all for this. But there’s no requirement for the stigma around shopping vintage and secondhand clothing.

Shopping pre-owned clothing is an excellent option which could keep clothes from landfills, individualize your look, and you conscious of the items you put onto the body rather of ongoing periodic mindless consumption. Effort takes care of in big ways, especially with regards to conscious fashion.

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