Game Changing SEO Trends for the Year 2020

by Jeffrey

This year is almost coming to an end and it’s time to take a look at what is ahead for SEO in the coming year 2020. People who are associated with the SEO techniques know that it helps to make the websites rank high in SERP with prominent keywords. SEO is technically a procedure of optimizing the website which you are willing to get popular with unpaid, organic, and high traffic from the SERP. SEO has many aspects and it not only uses the keywords to gain high traffic, but also ensures to make certain changes in the content and the layout of the website to make it more relevant for the search engine. If you wish to rank website on the top 5 results on search engines, you should look forth for Google word trends, Audience and user intent, Latest Google SERP feature, Mobile optimization, Social media.

How To Get On Top Of Google Search In 2020


Most of us are aware that changes are made by Google to its search algorithms each and every year and recently it has unveiled that it has made more than 3,200 algorithm alterations. By this one thing is made clear that the SEO world is evolving continuously and you have to keep yourself updated. So, it is very important for businesses that they stay up-to-date with changing dynamics of SEO strategy that recognizes the latest trends. Now the question is which trends are popular for the year 2020? Let’s have a look.

1. Snippets and On-SERP SEO

We all are aware that featured snippets and rich snippets have been playing a great role in providing substantial variations to Google’s SERP. Snippets basically are a kind of Google search result which shows extra information about a page. And, On-SERP SEO means developing the content which could be optimized for the dynamic plans of a search engine’s results page. An average result of Google search includes a meta description, a page title, and a URL. However, when you write rich snippets they provide you the greater details. Rich snippets are simply on the search results with extra setting whereas if we look a featured snippet is displayed at the top of the results page. Featured snippets are useful mobile users because they are always looking for quick answers and aren’t eager to scroll over results. Featured snippets are best for the people who use voice searches. It is possible with software of voice usually offering response to voice queries immediately. Now that we are looking for the finest-trend of 2020 in SEO, snippets are surely best and will optimize content alongside with the traditional strategies to attract organic traffic.

Snippets and On-SERP SEO


2. The WebP Format

Don’t you love gif animations, newsflash and many such things. If yes, then forget using them as they are soon going to be a thing of the past! JPG, PNG, GIF – all these formats will be outdated and will be replaced by a single one i.e. none other than WebP. It is developed by Google and there is no doubt that Google loves when it gets WebP images on the website. WebP images saves about 50-60% of the total image weight, even on the images that are compresed, which we generally use from old formats.

Why use WebP?

  • It is a replacement for old formats. WebP uses new techniques for image compression.
  • GIF’s 8-bit colors and animations are huge, whereas WebP has 24-bit colors and animations are small.
  • JPG is compresses well but with bad quality however, it is has good quality.
  • PNG can do transparent backgrounds, so does WebP.
  • WebP saves 50% of image space even from compressed images.

When a single WebP can do every task of three old formats, then why not use this? Just imagine how much the bandwidth and loading time will save if entire web if memes were in WebP.

WebP compatibility

For now WebP can simply work with an old format to turn images into WebP format by using one of the many free online tools.

3. Optimized Content of High Quality

Believe it or not, content has the power to affect everything in Search Engine optimization. Right from the website layout to linking strategy internally, SEO plays an important role everywhere. So, the goal is to make sure that we are providing best content on the web for any of the topic searched. By doing so, any business can get the surety that it ensure future-Google-proofing. Writing the best content ensures that it allows you to compete for searches done with long-tail keywords      . Moreover, a qualitative approach towards content is nothing else but exactly what the Google is looking in order to make the user needs satisfy. Also, it will shows the market investment type that Google will likely never make. This is because Google is doing things with highly scalable algorithms. Honestly, 2020 will be the year to let go from the mania of keywords. People need to stop chasing page views, directing individual keywords, and spraying with content. One needs to accept a thoughtful and systematically organized content, which is perfect to deliver complete and instinctive topical experiences while convincing the purposes of businesses.

  • Understand your audience
  • Understand how your audience search.
  • Understand the reason behind the queries they are looking
  • Provide solutions in the formats they favor

In 2020, a stringent look at the quality of content and optimizing that content for users which would be focused on the users rather than just the search engines.

4. Change in Local SEO

A massive number of zero-click searches are basically local searches and the results for the same are shown on the SERP itself. It is basically known as the Local Packs. However, a mobile device may also take up space as much as a whole SERP shown that is being to a user in a single Local Pack.

What to do?

Include various number of searches and mostly those that comprises keywords such as “near me” or “address” and “mobile number” in one click. This all could be done by making a Google My Business page for the organization.  However, remember that this should only be for the commencement of your efforts. Local packs will not end you with a huge number of searches. The person who is looking for comparing the products or looking up detailed information, will surely go on your website. And, this is where the customary practices of SEO become mandatory. Having a hard backlink profile is important and more specifically looking up for what kind of backlinks the competitors are getting is also needed. Get those for your website.

5. Search Visually

Visual Search is one of the amazing things which means search can be done by making use of pictures, instead of words. This technology works by artificial intelligence where the image is scanned to comprehend its basics and then the results brought towards the user who made search for the similar ones. Most of the companies like Google, Bing, Pinterest, and Amazon are among the top on visual search platforms. We know that each of them has its unique features and somebody who is selling fashion or home décor, the products must be optimized in order to get to be showed in various sites like Pinterest and Amazon. Moreover, Google understands everything be it an animal, places, a plants, books, and much more.

Optimizing the visual search:

  • Include appropriate keywords to rank the content.
  • Place images in the sitemap.
  • Add descriptive alt-text to images.
  • Put on schema markup to the images placed.
  • Optimize file names, alt tags, image titles for the better understanding of the context.
  • Make use of high-quality images so that reading can be done correctly.
  • Optimize the size of the image to have a fast-working website.


SEO is moving ahead in this digital era. So, to remain ahead of the game, one should follow the SEO trends 2020 and tips to channel organic and high traffic on the website. A website must have certain features to meet the search engine requirements, so that it meets the demands and needs of the audience. Offer your user with high-quality, engaging content to cater to their problems and answers to their questions. Do you know, most of the internet users only visit the first page of a search engine, while searching for a query. So, investing in SEO marketing could really work as a strategy for long-term that could carry large quantity of leads and revenues.

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