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Let people know how it works. Deal with any concerns you may have. Not everyone knows how to click and collect, while others may not know how the whole process works.

Office Depot handles this well, providing a step-by-step guide, as well as video and FAQs on the topic.

1. Let customers check the store stock

This is a key feature, which can save customers time wasted.Do not allow them to add products to their shopping cart just to find out at the time the stock is out of stock.

Allowing customers to search on product pages means customers can quickly identify local stores that store the product before ordering.

Here is a good example Boots click and collect is doing admirable work as we all know Boots is one of the biggest Pharmacy, health, and beauty retailers.Customers are shown a saved location, but can also search elsewhere. It is also helpful to display a list of stores to offer additional options.

2. Consider clicking and paste (pay in store) for collection

About 65% * shoppers make additional purchases at the store when they visit the store to collect. Offering to book online, the in-store payment option may increase the number of feet and encourage further purchases while you are there.

Traders can control the length of the catch before it is returned to stock. If retailers can opt-out of stock and intend to download the same day with text updates, even better.

3. Explain inside how you will deliver it

When deciding whether to launch a Click and Collect / Apply service it is important to make sure you clearly explain how you will deliver it, what type of service you will provide, and check for any pain points that may arise. As we see Marks spencer click and collect you just have to order our desired products using click and collect service. It will help you to keep your product safe and you can even return your product if you don’t like it. So, it’s fully safe and easy to use.Other things to consider:

a) Type of Service

There are two obvious types to consider when ordering an item for a sale or when collecting items. Here are the benefits of each item:

This provides a faster online payment process as the customer does not need to enter any payment details before checking out. And there is a good chance that they will add to their order in the store because they will not need to do anything different once they have packed their goods. 

b) Stock Consolidation / Fulfillment

The next thing to consider is where the instructions will be fulfilled. They may appear in the middle store which means that items are shipped to the appropriate store to be collected by scheduled date (this will have a delay in shipping, or maybe added to regular store delivery depending on how often they are), or directly to each store where orders could be processed quickly (usually within an hour). or two). Some retailers also offer a combination of these two services with store stock available for free collection, while items that need to be delivered to the store are costly. What service can you offer that may be determined by the way your stock is managed, the way your third-party systems are integrated (can your stock management / ERP system and ecommerce platform talk to each other?), Stock capacity (both in-store), the number of storage areas goods, visible area of ​​additional stock in stores.

4. Upgrade the service and explain how it works

As with any service, it is not right to introduce it and make sure it works well, if no one knows about it, so making sure it is well marketed and advertised is important, not only on your entire website but also on your other channels – emails, direct. Email, advertising, store location, catalogs, etc.

As mentioned above, not all Click and Collect services are the same, so defining a specific process of how yours works is also important.

5. Give the stock inspector

Delivery Click and Collect is fine but to recommend the service show live stock levels of store products for each item. This can show customers that the item they are looking for is available at their local store, or nearby, which means they do not waste time checking out where they are going to find that the item they want to collect is not available. By providing the level of bath in each item, in each store, you can ensure that there is a certain level of sudden purchasing in the store or the most popular items and shops. Ensuring that your ecommerce platform and management / ERP software are integrated is essential to be able to provide this service next to Click and Collect.

 6. Provide ‘de delivery room’

About 27% of consumers are frustrated when they cannot check or try items when they are being collected. Of course, retailers are not sure of the purpose, so consider asking as part of the payment process and teach store staff to manage different types of collections properly. This may be part of a broader marketing strategy.

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