Healthcare System You Need to Know before You retire to Italy!

by Carter Toni

Expats shifting to the dreamy land of Italy has now become a trending thing worldwide. After all, why won’t it be? There is probably no one in this world to not jump at the opportunity to retire to Italy. Italy is that lovely country where several people from all over the world come here to settle down and live the rest of their life comfortably, with all the peace and happiness that the sweet ambiance of Italy has to offer.

Since most expatriates usually fall into the age group of above 45 years, they usually get concerned about their health condition. As it is known, Italy has the second-bestworld-class health infrastructure after France. You will be impressed to know that Italy has the 11th highest life expectancy in the world. Do you know it is 79.6 years for men and 85.1 years for women? How fantastic is that!

No wonder health is the most crucial asset of an individual. If any ex-pat wishes to retire to Italy, it is evident for them to gain information about the healthcare services in this country. To help them out, we have come up with this article that will discuss everything you need to know to avail of the health services in ‘Bel Paese.’

Healthcare Requirements for Expats

To avail of the health services in Italy, ex-pats have to purchase a health insurance plan before retiring in Italy. Wondering the reason for the same? Well, this is because Italy’s public healthcare system can be availed at free of cost by the country’s citizens and the migrants of the EU. However, the non-EU expatriates don’t get to enjoy this privilege. To ensure that you get the best healthcare services in Italy, keep the following crucial documents handy.

  • You own a visa that has not expired and is entirely valid.
  • You have a passport that has been updated recently.
  • Clear photocopies of the above two documents
  • Procure the permit of ‘Permesso di Soggiorno per Soggiornanti di Lungo Periodo’only if you hope to stay for more than five years in your dear country of Italy.
  • Make sure you own international property insurance that would protect your belongings, stuff, and luggage from anysignificant financial loss.

How Is The Healthcare System Of Italy Like?

Italy’s public or national healthcare service is known as SSN that offers either free or low-cost, affordable healthcare services. The services may vary, depending upon the respective regions of Italy. So, you will get the best healthcare service in North and Central Italy. Unfortunately, Southern Italy has not yet flourished in the area of health. The public healthcare system in Italy is characterized by free ambulance services, diagnosis and treatment, doctor consultation charges, lab services, and much more.

On the other hand, private health care service in Italy is top-notch and of supreme quality. However, private healthcare service charges are exorbitantly high. That is why you need to prepare a backup for yourself by applying for a health insurance policy. You will get the best doctors at private hospitals with a short waiting time duration. We can’t emphasize enough the requirement of health insurance. This is because public healthcare services have an exceptionally long wait time, so even if no fees are needed to be paid, you will have a hard time contacting a doctor in case of emergencies. Though private healthcare services come to the rescue at these moments, these may render you penny-less. Such is the expensiveness of the private healthcare system in Italy! Since you wish to retire to Italy, make sure that you keep these points in mind before shifting here.

Pharmacy Facility in Italy

The public healthcare system in Italy allows everyone dwelling within its boundaries (provided they are rightful citizens, EU migrants, and accepted ex-pats) to get their hands on doctor-prescribed medicines at either free of cost or low, subsidized rates. If you retire to Italy in a large city, you will have 24/7 access to pharmacies and medical stores. Choosing a residence in a rural area will ensure you have a comfortable stay but may make you face problems reaching out to pharmacies at times of need.

Final Thoughts

So, that was all about the healthcare services offered in Italy to the ex-pats! Go for a health insurance policy to safeguard your savings and not face any monetary crisis while availing the private healthcare facilities. In emergencies, dial 118 if you are well-versed in speaking Italian or 112 if you wish to communicate in English. You can sort out everything correctly. Retire to Italy and enjoy pure bliss. All the best!

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