Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Invest in A Designer Handbag!

by Carter Toni

You’ve seen them, they are sleek, luxurious, well designed and unique, they are designer handbags, and they are the key to elevating any outfit. And I mean any outfit. You could wear sweats and carry a Gucci wallet and your outfit is done. Alternatively, you could wear a slip dress and a Chanel classic bag and you are elevated. These are just some of the ways luxury handbags can make a change in your lifestyle, and why they are an incredible choice for the stylish woman of today.

Create A Lasting Wardrobe

Your handbag is an aspect of your outfit that you can re-wear constantly. Once you choose a bag, you might use the same bag for your office days, weekend trips and nights out, it’s important to choose the right bag that you will love forever. 

I say forever because designer bags made from high-quality materials can last a lifetime. This doesn’t just give you a great cost per wear, but this also means it’s an incredible investment that will last decades. This lasting power is also what makes these bags a fantastic choice for the environment. When you buy a designer bag, you are promoting a circular economy and not taking part in fast fashion or contributing to the climate crisis. 

Outlast Fashion Trend Cycles

With 2000s trends here in 2022 and the late 90s slowly creeping in, it’s becoming very clear that things are coming back in fashion and faster than ever. If you like the bright colours and prints, but you’re worried it’ll go out of fashion, you can consider any bag an investment now. 

Trends come back in around every 30 years, so you can be very aware that your bag will come back in style, especially if you keep a hold of it for a lifetime. You will outlast the fashion trends by far with a luxury bag. 

Resale Options Are High

In a similar manner to art, antiques and watches, the designer handbag is now an exclusive collectable item. Handbags are a huge investment return option, with the luxury price boom meaning that bags can be resold for almost over 40% of the original retail price. You may have heard of this resell increase from brands like  Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior.

Handbags are inflation-proof investments. So if you’re considering a luxury bag, you’re considering a form of investment. If you do plan to retail, make sure to consider if the bag is rare if the designer is in demand, and what trend the bag falls into because reselling when the trend comes back is genius. 

The History Matters

If you’re a fashion fan, you’d know that each handbag has a story. These stories vary from curious to downright wild to just plain old fun, and my personal favourite thing is knowing fun facts like that Gucci’s Jackie 1961 bag is named after Jackie Kennedy, or the Louis Vuitton Alma PM bag was named after the Place de l’Alma, where the river Seine meets Avenue Montaigne in France. Each designer bag has historic value, and you can have that right in your hands. 

Unmatched Craftsmanship and Quality

You won’t find a premium leather handbag in your local corner shop. There is a reason why Louis Vuitton bags are considered an investment. This is because they are durable and will last for generations if cared for properly. If you compare luxury handbags like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull to a handbag from a department store or even from a fast fashion store, your money is much better spent on a durable handbag. Giving in to trends feels great at the moment, but it’s better to put that money into a long-term investment.  

A Luxury Bag is a Family Heirloom

Shopping for luxury designer goods like handbags, clothing or jewellery is another great way to build a wardrobe for future generations. Personally, I know that turning to my mother’s and grandmother’s wardrobe is like a treasure chest for fashion. By purchasing luxury and designer handbags, you’ll have the perfect handbags for your children, nieces, grandchildren and more. But only after you’ve had your time wearing them.  

Timeless Style is Key

One of the best things to think about when you want to make your wardrobe a haven for fashion is longevity, and with longevity comes a look that isn’t just trendy, it’s timeless. Timeless looks are any fashion choice that makes you look fashionable, no matter what the trends say is fashionable. And the key to being timeless is luxury. You will be outlasting trend cycles with a great luxury bag, but you will also be making a choice that will never be less desirable from one day to the next. So when you wear a timeless luxury bag, you will also be timeless. 

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