Highest Selling Gemstone To Be Bought In The Wholesaling Business!

by Glenn Maxwell

If you are a retailer or wholesaler and want to buy the gemstone in bulk amount, and you are confused about what to buy and whatnot. Then let me tell you that you have reached the right place because, being your jewelry guide, I am going to tell you the best gemstone jewelry you should buy for the trending market. Specifically, if you want to reach out for the semi-precious gemstone, then I would suggest you go for Moonstone, Larimar, Opal, Turquoise, and Moldavite gemstones.

Now let us understand why you should choose these gemstones.


Starting with the Moonstone is a gemstone that is available in many places around the globe, but the best variety comes from Bihar in India. Most people prefer wearing blue moonstone jewelry, and apart from this, the rainbow moonstone is pretty famous for its color. The stone belongs to the feldspar mineral family and rates between 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale hardness. Therefore, the stone has a splendid sheen, which can attract any customer, and the stock will be cleared very soon. In addition, this gem helps the person improve their creative skills, develop new ideas, and grasp new things quickly.


Larimar is only found in one place in the whole world, and that is the Dominican Republic. This gemstone is the product of the volcanic activity, and the earthquake that happened led to the formation of this gemstone. It has the energy of water and fire together in it. Larimar jewelry offers good vibes, a comfortable atmosphere, and a brightening future. Many people wear this gemstone while going to the office every day, as it will help to solve the problems related to the office and home as well.


opal is a mineraloid, not a mineral, and is found in some places around the world, but the best opal comes from Ethiopia. This crystal is one of the prettiest gemstones ever. Queen Victoria has also worn opal jewelry in the form of necklaces and earrings; moreover, she has even gifted these gemstones to her 5 daughters; these will always protect their daughters from the challenging situations of life. It has a connection with the Planet of venus, bringing the energy of love and relationship among them.


Turquoise is a bluish-green gemstone with a red matrix that appears as a spider web. It is the most common gemstone to be worn in the form of a bracelet and ring. The crystal is worn on an everyday basis as well as on special occasions. It symbolizes hope, trust, good fortune, and health. The person who wears turquoise jewelry stays fit and healthy and is able to sleep properly without any tension, anxiety, and other issues like lucid dreaming.


The green glass stone comes from the Czech Republic, as it is the only place to find these crystals. During the meteoroid and comet activity, they were fallen onto this specific area. These crystals were sent to Nasa for testing, and they were proven to be glass crystal gemstones. Moldavite jewelry can be worn during parties and get-togethers; it will give a different look to the wearer. Moreover, meditating while holding the gem in hand allows the wearer to reach the energy of the universe. Holding them for the first time will enable the person to feel their sensation.


Buy all these gemstones, as these are the hottest and highest-selling gems all across the globe. You can buy these gemstone silver jewelry from Rananjay Exports, and it is one of the most trusted gemstones company rendering its services all around the world. So, buy from them and have a great shopping time. Follow this guide to find out how to take high-quality gemstone photography.

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