Netflix’s Bob Saget tribute: Best jokes, moving moments from Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle

by Glenn Maxwell

“Dirty Father: The Bob Saget Tribute” isn’t as clean as his neat-freak “Full House” character Danny Tanner would’ve loved. But it’s the right, racy send-off for that late comedian.

Saget’s buddies and family collected at Los Angeles’ stand-up mecca The Comedy Store at the end of The month of january – just days after his dying – for that 84-minute special, now streaming on Netflix. Saget, most widely known for enjoying just one father to 3 kids on ABC’s family sitcom “Full House,” was discovered in the Orlando, Florida, accommodation on Jan. 9 having a mind injuries. He was 65.

“Dirty Daddy” assembles Saget’s comedy friends, including Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Shaun Ross, “Full House” co-star John Stamos and musicians John Mayer and Jackson Browne, who perform within the special. Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, helps launch the tribute, after being encouraged by Carrey to “Keep it short.”

Rizzo, who married Saget in 2018, states he’d bring her towards the Comedy Store, and excitedly offer her an excursion, promising to exhibit her “all of the locations that people did coke within the ’80s.’ There have been lots of stops around the tour about this.”

“The most significant factor to him was owned by this club, as being a comedian,” she states. “I know he’d be – he’s so honored at this time. He’d love this. I understand he’s searching lower, and he’s so happy.”

Rizzo’s speech mirrors a dark tone from the tribute, encompassing both humor and heart. Here are the most useful jokes and many touching moments in the special.

Michael Keaton’s bold bit, Dave Chappelle’s need to ‘impress’

Michael Keaton, inside a recording machine performed for that audience, pretends not to be aware what the recording was for.

“Hey, happy birthday, Bobby!” the “Dopesick” actor starts with a large grin. Informed of Saget’s dying with a person off-camera, Keaton offers, “OK, allow me to find out if I’m able to build up some fake tears here,” but he will get “nothing.”

Increasingly sincere, Keaton states, “I guess I possibly could say something similar to, ‘Every time, and that i mean any time you would encounter this person, should you weren’t laughing just searching at him, searching at this face, you couldn’t help but smile.”

Saget is “America’s father it is not a charged rapist,” Rock states, inside a joke about Bill Cosby, whose sexual assault conviction was overturned this past year.

And Rock also had quite the quip for Carrey: “I think it’s sad that (he) needed to die to obtain Jim Carrey back on stage,” Rock states. “If this is actually the best way we gonna help you perform, I’m gonna kill Eddie Murphy in a few days.”

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