How Do I Qualify for a Product Liability Lawsuit?

by Carter Toni

Product liability lawsuits deal with civil lawsuits related to deficient products that result in physical or financial damage to an individual. A design, manufacturing, or marketing defect might result in serious physical injury and leave an individual with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and missed wages. Although the manufacturer of the product might be the first defendant to come to mind in such cases, other parties like sellers, distributors, and marketers can also be held liable. If a faulty product caused you or your loved one harm, you should contact reputable product liability lawyers at Lockridge GrindalNauen. They will help you establish negligence in these complicated legal matters and help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your monetary and non-monetary damages.

Product Type

Qualifying for a such a lawsuit depends on multiple factors. These factors include the type of product that resulted in your injury. These civil lawsuits might involve products ranging from medical devices to everyday products of consumer use like home appliances, automobiles, etc. To determine your eligibility, it is crucial to consult your case with a lawyer who has experience in dealing with these cases. An evaluation of the circumstances surrounding your injury and the product involved can help you formulate a successful legal strategy.

Defect Type

Product defects related to the manufacturing, design, or marketing of the product can result in injury and subsequent lawsuits. A product might have a flawed design, which could make it inherently dangerous for consumer use. Alternatively, it could have a manufacturing defect, whereby a production flaw resulted in the product becoming unfit for use. Marketing defects like failure to include warnings or safety instructions within the packaging of the product can result in consumers acquiring serious physical harm. Your lawyer will determine the type of defect in the product that led to your injury by examining the product and investigating its design, manufacturing, and marketing processes. It is important to keep the product in its original packaging since it might be central to any future investigation into the type of defect that led to your injury and financial losses.

 The Severity of Physical Injury

The severity of the physical injury is one of the most important factors that play a role in the qualification for this type of lawsuit. If an injury acquired due to the use of a product is minor and easily recoverable, it could adversely impact your chances of a successful claim. However, a severe injury that has a well-established record for medical or surgical treatment and financial losses might result in a successful claim. But you must prove that the injury and financial damage resulted from the use of the product. A lawyer will evaluate the extent and severity of your physical injury and the validity of your legal claim.


Getting injured by a defective product can result in serious physical and financial harm. It is important to know your legal rights and hire an experienced attorney to establish your eligibility for a product liability lawsuit. The type of product, defect, and severity of your physical injuries play a significant role in determining whether you are qualified to file a legal claim. It’s in your best interest to keep track of all the evidence, especially physical proof. The more details you can provide in your case, the better the chances of it being brought to court.

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