How the Rubik’s Cube can boost your brain power

by Carter Toni

Methods to solve the cube

Methods to solve the cube: Beginner Level

Challenging and amazing, The Rubik’s cube has remained the longest remaining bestselling toy in the history of humankind. Fun, exciting, and mobile, a Rubik’s cube ticks all the boxes when it comes to an all-rounder toy or a game.

Well! As interesting as it is to solve this three-dimensional puzzle, it is equally curious worthy to know about how this fun-filled three-dimensional puzzle was originated.

A famous invention by Erno Rubik’s in the mid-1900s, The Rubik’s cube became a sensational puzzle over time, after hitting the toy market in 1980. Invented with the mission to help his architecture students learn more about the three-dimensional figures in a spatial environment, Rubik’s cube has a highly different impact on the world today.

From wall street professionals to the students, the Rubik’s cube could be seen in the hands of every person despite their age and occupation. With amazing benefits and mind-blowing features, The Rubik’s cube surely became a must-have toy for every child and adult.

If you are still figuring, what features in a Rubik’s cube makes it so amazing, then here are some interesting and informative features of the Rubik’s cube that might help you understand the Rubik’s cube and its benefits in a much better way.

The first one is that A Rubik’s cube is a three-dimensional figure with a particular colour on every side of the puzzle, the whole idea behind solving the Rubik’s cube is to put all the same colour parts on a single face and align them accordingly, once you have successfully aligned the parts, then voila! You have solved the Rubik’s cube.

Secondly, The Rubik’s cube is amazing to take with you on your vacations and also use as a pass-time game, as it is rapid, and also helps in destressing mind anxieties before your crucial meetings. Moreover, it can also help in giving that extra brain stimulus when you feel fatigued or bored.

Thirdly, it can be rejoiced by people of all age groups. Whether you are a child, an adolescent, a young adult, an adult, or old, you can full-fledged enjoy the Rubik’s cube and its several amazing benefits. It is unique and adventurous and does not make you move from your bed. Thus, you can also play it anywhere anytime while being in a position of relaxation.

And, Last but not least, With several variations of Rubik’s cube launching to the market such as the ghost cube, the mastermorphix, the gear cube, and many others, there is no more chance of getting bored with the same Rubik’s cube. Once you have accomplished the Rubik’s cube then you can move further to a more difficult variation of the Rubik’ cube. Moreover, if you feel that you can solve these cubes with great speed, you can definitely invest in some great-quality speedcubes and work your skills further and try your hands in several competitive Rubik’s cube tournaments.

Now, that we have understood the amazing features of the Rubik’s cube, let’s get to the main point then.

How the Rubik’s cube can boost your brainpower?

Well! There are a lot of benefits of Rubik’s cube and improving brain power is one essential benefit of it.

Let’s see more in detail.

●   Helps in improving memory

While solving a Rubik’s cube you will have to remember every move so that, in case you want to reverse your moves you can reverse them in the same order to reach a destined result. Thus, solving a Rubik’s cube make you remember and helps in systematic memorizing of things by solving the Rubik’s cube.

●   Helps in improving problem-solving skills 

Rubik’s cube is all about solving. Every move that you make has to lead to the solution of solving the Rubik’s cube and aligning all the parts of a similar colour on the same side. While solving the Rubik’s cube we put into practice several algorithms and thought processes, thus making us think of our every move. Thus, with continuous practice of the Rubik’s cube one could easily improve our problem-solving skills.

●   Helps in improving concentration and focus

As every twist and turn in the Rubik’s cube have to be well-thought and well-articulated, thus it becomes important to give it our full focus and concentration. Moreover, Rubik’s cube is extremely minded engaging, thus it automatically helps in building up concentration and focus.

●   Helps in improving brain reflexes

Solving a Rubik’s cube involves the implementation of a lot of algorithms, and implementation of every algorithm requires a lot of twists and turns, which eventually have to be done at a lot of speed. Thus, in return proved to be a great exercise for the reflexes. Helping to improve the brain reflexes.

Apart from these above benefits, there are several other benefits as well. Such as helping in improving dexterity, and cognitive skills, moreover, it’s a good exercise for the fingers.

Looking at the benefits, if you wish to start with your cubing journey and are looking to find a good quality Rubik’s cube for yourself or anyone, then we have just the right place for you.

Cubelelo – India’s largest online cube store, has some of the great quality cubes and accessories that you could choose from and bring a cube for yourself that not just caters to your needs but also helps you in progressing with your cubing journey.

Happy cubing!

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