How to Bet on Esports: Top 9 Tips

by Carter Toni


Recently, the large amount of information about cyber sports betting often disorients some beginners. And then, instead of developing their algorithm, how to bet on sports, they rely entirely on luck or chance. Only a small part of newbies combine theory with practice and select the optimal strategy of action. Several rules will help you to place Esports Bets and not only have fun but also make a profit.

Best 9 things you can do in cybersport betting

1. Learn the rules, statistics, and mechanics

If you are completely new to the sport, learn the mechanics of the games. To make reliable predictions, it is necessary to know game rules. All this is needed to understand the features in each bet and how it works. Otherwise, you are unlikely to be able to make a quality prediction. Cybersport is the common name for various disciplines, all of which have their characteristics and factors affecting the result. So pick one game, study its rules and features, the best players, teams, statistics, calendar, form in recent games, tournaments, and only after that try to make predictions.

2. Live betting or pre-game betting

To make a long story short one can say that the two main scenarios for placing bets look like this: Completely immersing yourself in the game or making a pre-game bet. First option includes analyzing in detail the players of the meeting, watching the live stream, and betting during the game. This is appropriate for bettors who like cybersports, can spend at least a couple of hours watching streams, do not need to bet on other sports, or do not intend to earn serious money on betting.

Pre-game betting is betting before the game, and this option is more suitable for busy bettors who already have experience in betting and want to test themselves in cybersport, who do not have the opportunity to bet while the games take place.

3. Betting on an outsider

It is possible to try a betting strategy on a weaker team in lower-ranked tournaments. Sometimes strong teams often consider competitions with small prizes as training and lose to weaker competitors, so sometimes you can bet on the outsider in such events.

4. Betting in top-ranked tournaments

You can use the strategy of betting on the outcome of the match of the losing favorite in play. Sometimes stronger teams are losing at the beginning of the game, but then start playing better and win. This is only relevant for top tournaments.

5. Take your time and consider the facts.

Play small amounts of money at first. There is always the risk that you can confuse something or misunderstand it. In the beginning, it is safer to bet on the favorites.

6. Spend your money carefully

Determine a specific size of your bank. You’ll always know how much you’re willing to spend, what bets you’re comfortable with, and when to stop to avoid bankruptcy. Don’t place all of your money on a single bet. The outcome of any game might be unfavorable for you.

Always remember when to stop, even if you are fortunate at the moment.

7. Financial strategies for placing bets

Easy to say that you have to spend your money wisely. But there are several strategies for accomplishing that goal, as well. For one, spend only a certain percentage of the total bank on each bet. The essence of this strategy is that you should never increase the percentage of your wager.

8. Analyze your strategies

If you want to use betting not just for fun, but to make a regular profit, you need to record your steps, and then evaluate which strategies have proven to be effective.  Keep a track of the results of every game you play and the betting strategies you have used, so that you can evaluate their profitable value. You’ll be able to calculate the average profit from wins and losses.

9. Calculate the profit

Just placing bets is not enough to have a stable income. You can know the profit from a single bet by multiplying the invested amount by the odds. To calculate the profit from the bets for the month, add up the payout from all the bets you have placed. The best approach would be to make it at the beginning of the month. Thus, you will understand how often you need to bet and what odds to pick to achieve the desired profit.


Esport is going to keep developing. Some tips are related exclusively to it, and some can be used for betting in general. Anyway, not being chaotic in actions and thinking of your steps, but having fun at the same time can be versatile advice.

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