How to Create a Festival Vibe at Your Wedding

by Carter Toni

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, so naturally, you want it to be a day to remember! Traditional, formal weddings can still be excellent events and are a great way to make you feel like royalty, but a lot of couples today are moving towards more casual, fun affairs for their big day. A popular trend that has become more apparent over the years is having a festival-inspired wedding. They bring a down-to-earth, boho charm to the day and allow the couple and their guests the opportunity to kick back and have some fun without the formalities. If this sounds like the ideal wedding for you and your partner, here are some tips to help you create the perfect festival vibe on the day.

Food Trucks

You will need to provide your guests with something to eat at your celebrations, but if you want to have a true festival atmosphere, a three-course, sit-down meal isn’t going to feel right. Instead, look at hiring one or two food trucks that your guests can choose from and see what catering options they provide. Some might offer a buffet-type meal, while others will simply serve as they would at a festival and make individual orders. What’s great about this is that people can eat when they want to rather than sticking to a dinner schedule, and the food on offer might be more interesting than the usual chicken, salmon, or beef that always seems to appear on wedding menus. You could even hire a cocktail wedding food truck that will make a bespoke drink just for your big day, and perhaps one that serves something sweet for dessert?

Live Music

If you’re going to have a festival-style wedding, then live music is a must! Bands tend to be a bit better at weddings anyway, as it feels a little more special to listen to music live than a DJ spinning cheesy hits (although this can be fun after a few champagnes!). Some wedding bands might offer both and play live earlier in the evening, then switch to a DJ set later on so you can have the best of both if you’d like. Either way, you should have live music at your wedding if you want to capture a festival vibe, especially with a beautifully decorated stage area and dancefloor.

Tent Accommodation

You will need to think about where your guests stay, and although tents might not seem like the most comfortable option, they will certainly suit the festival theme that you’re going for. Don’t worry, though; there are more glamourous options that can offer your guests some comfort while still creating the festival vibe! Look at wedding glamping accommodation as an option so that your guests are still able to sleep off the booze and food in comfort, but it still feels like they’re spending the night at a cool festival.

Lighting and Décor

You need to get the décor right if you want to create the right atmosphere at your festival wedding. Think big lanterns with candles and fairy lights hung up everywhere, especially across the top of the LED dance floor. Floral arrangements will always work at a wedding, and more casual bouquets of wildflowers might work best for this kind of environment. Vibrant, colorful bunting would also work well as a décor option, and even lit up signs to light up walkways or for your guests to take photos next to could be a good idea.

Face Painting Station

This can be used as another form of entertainment for your guests and can be fun for both adults and kids alike if you’re having little ones attending your big day. Whether it’s a few pretty flowers on cheeks or an animal or other pattern all over someone’s face, after a few drinks, your guests will have a great time getting into the festival spirit with some face painting and glitter. It will certainly make for some great photos that you can look back on and laugh at the memories.

Boho Wedding Dress

Finally, the wedding dress. Any bride wants to wear something that reflects her style and personality while also making a statement. If you want to fit in with your festival theme, a laid-back boho-style wedding dress will probably fit in best and is a style that you should start with. They can still look wonderfully elegant and romantic but tend to be much more relaxed. Short dresses will also work well if you want a more casual look on your wedding day, especially when paired with a floral crown.

If you and your partner have always loved going to festivals and the general atmosphere of these events, then perhaps recreating that for your wedding is a good way to go. If this sounds appealing to you, consider the tips above to help you plan the perfect day for your nuptials.

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