How to enjoy your garden by making it low maintenance and eco-friendly

by Carter Toni

In a world where everyone is so busy, it is important that outside areas such as gardens are designed with low maintenance in mind. However, this should not come at the cost of the planet we live on. Nowadays, there are many options available when it comes to kitting out a garden to make it fully usable for the people that own it and all the creatures that visit it or live there.

Going for lawn over pathing

You may think that pathing is a lot lower maintenance than grass, and you would be right. However, when it comes to the environment and nature, it is far better to have a lawn than pathing the whole of your garden over with tiles, and there are much more beautiful eco-friendly ways to cover areas of your garden, but that will be mentioned later in this article.

By having a lawned area within your garden, you will be helping all those little critters that live in the soil and grass, so, therefore, keeping the cycle of nature going strong. However, it is important that you do not over-chemicalize your lawn, and come to the understanding that a lawn is a mixture of grasses and other plants that do not need to look like a piece of Astroturf to look pleasing.

Attractive fences and decking

If you are thinking of replacing your boundary edging, there is an additional alternative to the conventional brick wall, wire fencing, or wooden slatted fencing, which requires the cutting down of too many trees to mention. There is also the option of going for composite fencing, which is made with 90% recycled materials (60% plastic and 30% wood with 10% eco bonding agent to hold it all together).

These eComposite Products are available in a few different colors, so there is plenty of choice, as well as other products such as decking, all are very low maintenance as you will not need to paint or stain them in order to for them to become or stay weather proofed all they will require from time to time is a wipe down with soapy water to keep them looking great.

With the addition of composite decking to match your fencing, you will be able to create a feature area of your garden that not only looks beautiful but is fully functioning, strong and durable for everyday use.

Installing a pergola

The installation of a pergola is another good way to make the most of your garden and help the wildlife around your property flourish. By growing climbing plants up around your pergola, you will be giving birds somewhere to perch and with the addition of bird feeders or nesting boxes somewhere for them to feed and nest too. In addition to this, a bug hotel will not seem out of place hidden among your climbing plants, which will themselves give shelter to spiders and insects too.

A pergola can also give shelter from the harsh sunshine, so it is a perfect place to situate a table and chairs for afternoon drinks and nibbles with friends and family. Pergolas can also be made from recycled wood and plastic combinations, so your composite wood journey may not have to end at your beautiful new fence panels, gate, and decking.

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