How to Identify a Fake Casino Review

by Carter Toni

We all want to play at the best online casinos and win potential payouts. So what do we do as beginners? For many players, it’s all about visiting thevipcasinos websites and testing their games, services, and bonuses. With due diligence and proper comparison, one can decide on the best casino to pick.

But how about beginners and players who don’t have the time and patience? Another option is to browse and read the available online casino reviews. Professionally-written reviews are widely available online, and they assess, compare, and score casino operators. Most are available for marketing purposes, too, and it’s understandable in the context of a highly competitive industry. Here lies the rub- not all reviews are objective and based on facts. How do you screen reviews and read those that are fair, objective, and complete? If you’re flooded with reviews to read, you may want to check the following tips and tricks to verify their authenticity and integrity.

Check the site’s domain and WHOIS information

Start by verifying the reputation of the publisher. You can do this by checking the website’s domain and its WHOIS information.  With this set of information, you will know the persons or company behind the website, their address, and related business details. Aside from the company information, you also need to verify the date of launch. This doesn’t mean that newer websites aren’t reliable. It just means that older websites are often reputable and have been tested for years.

Speaking of the website, it’s also best to check the language and writing style used on the page. If you see the homepage or reviews littered with obvious grammatical errors, then these reviews may not be reliable. There can be several reasons for this. For example, the reviews may have been translated by software. Or these reviews are from writers or players who are not dedicated to their craft.

Read between the lines and find obvious marketing pitches

Pay attention to the content and details when reading casino reviews. Professional online casino reviews will objectively list the games, types of bonuses, and other casino services. If the website features some gaps in terms and conditions and services, then these should be highlighted in the reviews. Or if the author is disappointed, it must be reflected as well. But if you notice that the reviews are glowing with almost no issues, then that serves as a red flag. The review has become an obvious marketing pitch and not an objective assessment of the casino. A reliable review offers the right balance between the pros and cons, and the casino’s best and weakest points. No casino is perfect, and it’s okay to read some complaints about the operator.

Check the author or writer of the review

In most cases, reviews feature the author’s names or writers of reviews. Some of the fake websites will often use generic names for authors, such as ‘Online Roulette’ or ‘Online Slots’. In other online reviews, you will find false names and no clear author’s bio. If you only see a single name as the author, then it’s obvious that the website was created solely for publishing these reviews.

Always verify and test the online casino yourself

Casino reviews are here to stay. Thanks to the increasing popularity of online gambling and betting, the market for these reviews has increased, too. On the surface, these reviews are helpful and can guide players in comparing and picking the right casinos. However, as we have illustrated here, not all these reviews are authentic.

As a responsible player, it’s your job to filter and read only the most reliable reviews. Online reviews only serve as your guide and inspiration but should not be the sole source of your decision. In the end, you must verify the information by visiting the casino. You can test-drive the casino and deposit a small amount to get a feel of their services. Play a few games using the bonuses offered by the casino. Use the Cashier section to test how fast and reliable the payments are. And, you should try exploring its Support services to check their responsiveness. Remember, it’s your money you’re playing with, so it’s best to be always sure and safe!

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