How To Keep Motorcycle Accident Out Of Bay

by Carter Toni

Motor car accidents are increasingly becoming an issue. Besides claiming the lives of millions of people, motorcycle accidents have caused a myriad of injuries. Of course, these accidents can happen. However, with the right tips, you can keep them out of your motorcycle life. The following guide is going to deep dive into the tips and tricks you need to prevent motorcycle accidents.

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Preventative Maintenance

Before hitting the road, subject your motorcycle to basic preventative maintenance. Basic maintenance will give you confidence that your motorcycle is in top shape. Plus, preventative maintenance is key when it comes to the durability of your motorcycle. Don’t assume anything. Check the breaks. Look at the tires. Check the gears. Ensure that the shocks are working.

Stop At The Right Location

Don’t stop anywhere. You could be stopping at a black spot and cause an accident. Only stop at designated areas. Ensure that the location has sufficient stop signs. Never stop in the middle of the road or lane. If there is an emergency, stop towards the rear side of the road.

No Night Riding

Night riding is one of the biggest catalysts to motorcycle accidents. With night driving, your vision is impaired. You can run into obstacles. For instance, running into animals can be fatal. Still more, weekend night riding is very dangerous. This is the time most drunk people hit the road. The chances of getting into an accident are very high. Thus, ride during the day.

Don’t Ride In Inclement Weather

The best way to ride your motorcycle is on sunny days. That’s why you shouldn’t hit the road with your machine in inclement weather. Things like snow, rain, and hail can be dangerous to your riding. Also, avoid riding during cold temperatures. It can lead to accidents.

Side Lane

Side lanes are designed for motorcycles. Thus, never stay in the middle of the lane, especially during long rides. Riding sideways will make you more comfortable, especially when on busy highways and freeways. Also, switch lanes carefully. Don’t switch lanes at high speed. Slow down. Use the lights carefully before changing lanes.

Safety Course

Of course, you might have learned how to ride a motorcycle without going to school. However, it will be worthwhile to go to a training school. Here, you will master the basic motorcycle riding skills. You will also gain more confidence on the road. These classes take at most one week.

Be Careful at Intersections

Intersections are the leading spots when it comes to accidents. If you don’t pay attention in these locations, you might get into a fatal accident. If you don’t recognize an incoming car or motorcycle at intersections, you might get into an accident. Thus, be more careful in these areas.

Other Tips

Here are additional tips and tricks you should know:

  • Consider wearing reflective gear
  • No drink driving
  • Consider practicing hard maneuvers
  • Master emergency braking
  • Avoid riding close to trucks

The Bottom-Line

According to the stats, hundreds of thousands of people die yearly from car accidents. Still more, millions of injuries are reported due to car accidents. These stats are worrying, right? Well, that’s why you should play your part to stop them. Use the above tips and tricks to prevent accidents arising from motorcycles.

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