How to Keep your kids active and fit? : 8 Tips!

by Glenn Maxwell

Studies reveal that only 1 out of 4 children get the daily recommended 60 minutes of physical activity. While it is true that participation in physical activities gradually declines as kids age, exercise is beneficial for good health and the overall well-being of children.

So, it is important on your part to give them immense opportunity to exercise to stay active and fit. In persuasion, here we have curated the rock-solid ways to do so.

Benefits of physical activity

Kids need to indulge in physical activity to stay active and fit and enjoy several other benefits, including:

  • build and maintains healthy bones, muscles, and joints
  • healthy body mass index
  • reduce the risk of diabetes,
  • Reduces risk of high blood pressure,
  • Reduces risk of heart disease later in life
  • help children fall asleep quickly and sleep well
  • boosts a child’s mental and behavioral health
  • increases a child’s enthusiasm and optimism

8 tips to keep your kid active and fit

  1. Become a role model for them

Whether good or bad habits, your children watch and mimic those habits from you. So, when your kid watches you engaging in physical activities and enjoying them simultaneously, the kid is more likely to mimic you to stay fit and active throughout their life.

  1. Using exercise as transportation

The other effective way is to encourage them to walk with you to their school, use their bile to visit their friend, or use roller skates to visit the park. Also, consider taking the stairs with your kids instead of the elevator.

  1. Involving the entire family

The most successful and proven way to transform a kid’s exercising habits is by involving the entire family to participate and work out together. Consider enrolling in any physical activity as a family together, such as

  • signing up for martial arts classes,
  • joining an outdoor adventure activity, or
  • enrolling in swimming or running clubs.

In addition, taking a flying disc or a ball outdoors as a family and playing it together in the park or at the beaches.

  1. The focus should be on fun.

Children only want to have fun. So, when they are involved in any physical activity which gives them enjoyment, they are more likely to continue doing it. Some of the fun ideas to encourage physical activity among your kid while ensuring they have fun are:

  • Turning on the music and having a dance party
  • Walk a lot when visiting a zoo, park, or golf course

If your kids love dancing, then getting them admitted in a dance studio Singapore is a no-brainer. They will pick up dancing, make new friends, learn about cooperation and be great at understanding how a team works! Most importantly, they will have loads of fun in the process.

  1. Conscious gifting that promotes physical activity

There are several gifting options to promote physical activity among your kid. Some of them are:

  • Rollerblades
  • bicycles
  • ice skates
  • soccer balls
  • active-play video games

In addition, you can buy a trampoline online. There is the option to choose from an extensive range of high-quality and robust trampolines, which come in various sizes and shapes to promote physical activity among your kids.

  1. Making activities social

The most important reason for anyone sticking with exercise is when they perform it with a group of people, so they are not just engaged but also held accountable for the exercise sessions. That’s why you should consider inviting your kid’s friends to join the physical activity sessions. This way, kids are likely to have more fun while exercising.

  1. Using competition as a motivator

There isn’t anything motivating like competitions. Similarly, you can encourage your kid to have a contest with you. This could be like racing to see who runs faster, doing more push-ups, or jumping jacks. Afterward, you should also reward the winner.

Additionally, you should use technology like a pedometer here to track your results and progress.

  1. Including kids in the household activities

There are several activities in your home itself which require you to sneak in little physical activity sessions. Household chores such as washing the dog, washing the car, and mowing the lawn are the ideal way to encourage kids to perform some exercise.


Undoubtedly, the more active the kid, the smarter they will be. So, physical activity is vital for your kid to stay fit, healthy, and fight off diseases. As a parent, it is somewhat your responsibility to allow them to play, exercise, enjoy, and have fun while staying healthy and fit.

In addition, always remember that no two kids are created equal. So, choose the ways that best suit your little ones and let the kid enjoy it to keep moving.

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