Why Do Marketers Still Prefer Old School Custom Car Stickers for Brand Promotion

by Carter Toni

For over a decade, car stickers have proved helpful in getting politicians elected, establishing companies, building brands, starting conversations, advertising, and boosting brand exposure. Yet even though car stickers are long-lasting and inexpensive, businesses and marketers often do not pay adequate attention to them. However, you simply cannot undermine the power and versatility of this amazing sticky marketing tool.

Most businesses acknowledge that marketing is crucial to their success, however, very few organizations give top priority to marketing and brand promotion according to Entrepreneur. Businesses must adopt a marketing-first approach for making sure that their products and services are very much relevant to the specific marketplace. In this context, many organizations rely on the age-old sticky tools and integrate them into their marketing strategy. Here are the top reasons why astute businesses prefer this powerful marketing and advertising media.

Much beyond Just the Bumper

Car stickers are not limited to car bumpers alone. The big rectangular white stickers for vehicle bumpers are not so much in vogue. Now is the time for customized promotional car stickers of all sizes and shapes for application to not just the bumpers, but the car windows, body, and tires too.

Old School Social Networking

Promotional car stickers are offline and physical forms of broadcasting and social networking. For ages, people have been liking and starting meaningful conversations with car stickers even before the advent of the Internet or the digital era. If designed well and distributed properly, they have the power to consistently generate impressions, cost-effective brand exposure, and word-of-mouth promotion and marketing.

Word-Of-Mouth Is the Way to Go

You are very much mistaken if you assume that social media is far effective in terms of word-of-mouth than offline marketing. You should realize that recent studies have revealed that 90 percent of people rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from family, friends, and acquaintances as per Nielsen research. Moreover, 90 percent of word-of-mouth relating to brands occurs offline according to Keller Fay Group. Yet powerful marketing tools such as custom car stickers are often undermined by some businesses. You must realize that tools like car stickers are great for encouraging and amplifying word-of-mouth offline.

Perceived as Personal Endorsements

Marketing or advertising has switched over to more connection and permission-based models. Advertising that seems lost in a flood of other pitches ceases to be inexpensive particularly, for small businesses. The power of car stickers is that when you flaunt them in your car, they are never perceived as ads at all. They are considered to be essentially recommendations, personal endorsements, and badges of support may be for a cause, organization, or product.

Highly Engaging Gifts

Promotional car stickers can be extremely cost-effective. Whether mailed or handed out in trade shows or events, top-quality car stickers seem to enjoy a relatively higher perceived value as compared to promotional items like brochures, flyers, or business cards. Car stickers are perceived as gifts that are difficult to throw away at once and are great for engaging the recipient.

Strategically Place and Promote

Promotional customized car stickers are not always gifts. They are a cost-effective way of promoting and branding products. You can use personalized car stickers for spreading your message, promoting your business or brand by using them on your fleet of company vehicles. This way, you can effectively boost brand exposure among people in places, wherever the fleet of vehicles is traveling.


Besides efforts for boosting exposure and branding, car stickers could be effectively leveraged in multiple ways for enhancing and fortifying marketing programs. Free car stickers could be traded for vital information like addresses. Moreover, promotions and valuable information could be successfully delivered on the backside of the stickers.

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