How to make a full time living from casinos?

by Carter Toni

Once upon a time, the land based casinos were very popular as people used to go there for gambling and playing casino games. But the entire situation changed with the advent of the Internet as people started preferring to play casino games in their home computer or laptop. The land based casinos started getting less footfalls in due course of time. Though the land based casinos offer many other entertainment options like snacks, drink and dinner, people preferred playing from their home comfort. As a result, the land based casinos also started opening their own websites so that their existing customers do not shift away to other casinos.

The situation changed a lot more with the arrival of Covid 19 pandemic. Lockdown was held in all major economies and many businesses and establishments were closed down. Every economy got a major blow as many people lost their jobs and became unemployed. Many of these people started playing casino games from their Smartphone for the purpose of earning some extra money. But the people who started earlier, thought of making it as a full time career.

But you have to be careful about the online websites if you are new to the world of online casinos. We all know that not all the websites are genuine and many have developed a bad habit of running away with the player’s money. Hence you should play through a reputed website like 888Starz Casino so that your money is in safe hands. You can also get good suggestion from senior players or some experts from the website. If you want to take it as a full time career you will have to deal with this thing seriously.

If you want to earn a full time living by playing casino games, you must know the games you should focus on. These games have got the maximum potential of earning money. The games are –

Blackjack card count


Daily fantasy sports

Sports betting

Video poker

In case of video poker and blackjack, you are expected to receive the money directly from the house.

You will have to follow certain steps when you are interested in making a career from gambling. Remember that strategy is the most important thing in winning the game in casino. Different games have different level of strategy and you must know which strategy will best suit your financial goals. If you are new, you must learn the tricks of the game from any senior player or by going through the tutorials available over the Internet.

If you have played successfully free bingo then you must learn more about games which are skill based. Once you master the skills of high level games, the chances of your earning will increase by many times over time and you can start a full time living with casino playing. Sports betting is also another option which can help you to earn a lot of money in the long run.

Pros and Cons of Being a Career Gambler

Most gamblers know that making a career in gambling isn’t an easy path. To become a professional gambler one needs to excel at a particular game and maintain discipline in bankroll management as well as other areas.

Even still, gambling career looks like a very attractive job. You must follow the footsteps of multi-millionaire sports bettors, WSOP champions, and do not forget of card-counting legends to get constant inspiration.

Being a professional you may enjoy significant fame and fortune. But it also comes with many downsides that you must be familiar with.

A professional gambler enjoys various general advantages. Here we shall discuss few of them.

Earn Rewards from Exciting Games

The average person visit casinos just for entertainment as they are well aware there is a solid chance of losing. But Pro gamblers are experts in the game, so they have more possibilities of winning.

Become Your Own Boss

Choosing to become a professional gamblers means you can be your own boss. Hence that implies you can set your own working hours and plan your schedule as per your own convenience and mood.

Unlimited Earning Opportunity

Once you develop the skills of becoming expert in gambling you just allow yourself to earn limitless. You can gradually accumulate a huge bankroll through sports betting so that one day you can start making six- or seven-figure wagers.

Earn Fame

Some forms of gambling gives the players a platform to become famous. Poker, blackjack and sports betting are certain fields where we can find many players who have earned almost a celebrity status in international market for their outstanding success as a professional gambler.

Traveling to Various Exotic Places

Card counters and poker players enjoy the opportunity of traveling to interesting places in their line of work. This is especially seen with poker as major betting tournaments are held all over the world.

Cons of Being a Pro Gambler

As gambling lovers tend to focus on the advantages of taking gambling as a full time career option, they overlook that there are few serious downsides involved in this type of work.

You may get bored in the long run

Some players whimsically decide to choose gambling for a living. Perhaps they find it an exciting and fun way to earn money. But when they start to go deeper in the game to learn gambling skills like a pro they realize it is not always a fun. You need to put your best effort to master the gambling skills to make a full time living.

Don’t expect a steady earning

Gambling is not like nine-to-five job. You don’t get a fixed salary every month.

Your income is dependent on a various factors including your skills, number of hours you invest in playing, and off course the luck factor plays a crucial role to determine how much you can earn in a given week. You need to accept gambling means you can occasionally go through downswings as well.

Large Bankroll is necessary to earn big

You won’t be able to make good money through gambling without having a big bankroll. Your bankroll signifies how large of stakes you can play for.

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