How To Make Your Studio Apartment Comfortable

by Carter Toni

Choosing a studio apartment can be a good financial decision; it will certainly cost less than anything larger, and it could mean that you get to live in the location you prefer rather than having to be further away just because you want a slightly larger space, for example.

However, although the cost savings can potentially be very high, the smaller space can be problematic in some cases. It can feel difficult to make the place feel like a real home when it’s small because you feel cramped and possibly uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be like this; you can live very comfortably in a studio apartment. Read on to find out how you can do it so you can save money and enjoy your home at the same time.

Install Air Conditioning

One of the problems with a smaller space, such as a studio apartment, is that it can get very stuffy because there isn’t a lot of room for the air to circulate. In the summer, this can be problematic, and it can make your home much more uncomfortable than it should be. You might even have trouble sleeping, and your productivity could also suffer if you work from home.

In this case, the fix is a simple one. You can employ fans to circulate the air better and cool things down, or if you want something more permanent, you can consider specific apartment air conditioning. This is ideal for installing in an apartment unobtrusively and makes your living space a lot more comfortable.

Add Plants

Plants in your home instantly make it a more comfortable, welcoming space. They look lovely and are useful when it comes to purifying the air, keeping your studio apartment more healthy and less stuffy.

Of course, not everyone is good at keeping plants alive, so you might not think this is a great idea. Don’t worry; it is possible to enjoy plants even if you’re not green-fingered. You can choose plants that need very little care, such as succulents. They won’t need watering very often and are extremely hardy. Or, if you don’t want to do any work at all, you might opt for bunches of flowers in vases instead. They will last a few days before wilting, at which point you can simply switch them for something else.

Store Things Creatively

Perhaps the biggest issue with a studio apartment is the storage. There will be very little of it, and perhaps none at all in some cases – it often depends on how old the building is, as the older the building, the less storage there will be.

When you don’t have a lot of storage, even a large space can feel small because of all the things you have around, so you can imagine how much of a problem this would be in a small space like a studio apartment. This is why you need to be creative regarding your storage options. Try to use your walls as much as possible and add cupboards and shelves off the ground. This would be wasted space otherwise, and it leaves you with more floorspace. You can also search for furniture that includes storage. Beds, chairs, tables, and more can come with storage – you might have to pull a drawer out from underneath or lift something to use that storage. This can be very useful, and since you need furniture anyway, it’s a good way to combine things to give you more space.

Another idea is to declutter as much as possible and then not buy anything new unless you need it. However, this can be hard, and many prefer to find different storage options. The choice, of course, is yours.

Add Some Color

Adding some color is a great way to make a studio apartment feel more comfortable and cozy. This works no matter what size of home you have, but the studio can definitely benefit.

If you own the apartment or your landlord permits you to make interior changes, you can paint the walls, although you need to be careful if you decide to do this. Although some colors make things feel more comfortable, some will make things more uncomfortable. Plus, even the ‘good’ colors can be bad if you use them incorrectly. If you’re going to paint a studio apartment, it’s best to keep things as light and neutral as possible, and only use cozy colors on one feature wall.

What might be better, and your only choice if you rent your apartment, is to use accessories to add a splash of color rather than paint. You could choose:

  • Cushions
  • Throws
  • Artwork
  • Ornaments
  • Posters
  • Rugs
  • Curtains

Plus, there are many more ideas besides these. By adding color, you can change things much more easily if you want to and take your lovely colorful items with you when you decide to move.

Add Texture

The texture won’t take up a lot of room but will make your studio apartment feel much more comfortable. Include rugs, blankets, pillows, throws, and so on – in fact, many of the items we mentioned above can work when it comes to choosing different textures to have in your home.

Different soft textures will make your studio apartment cozier, but they can also help with sound. One of the downsides to apartment living is that you’ll hear lots of noise from your neighbors and potentially make noise that others can hear too. If you have plenty of soft fabrics, some of that noise will be absorbed, making your home much more comfortable for you to live in.

Use The Right Lighting

The feel of a space can be profoundly impacted by its lighting. So, when arranging your studio’s furnishings, remember to make the most of the available light. Floor lamps, for instance, can be used to produce a cozy ambiance. String lights or fairy lights hung around the room’s perimeter can add a dramatic touch. This will make the room feel warm and intimate, helping you truly enjoy the space as much as possible.

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