The word Abortion might sound scary and a safe and most effective way to do it would always be a matter of concern for many. Abortion is the process of preventing childbirth. Termination of pregnancy is another name for it. Medical abortion and surgical abortion are the two types of abortion treatments available.

Medical abortion/medication abortion is the process of ending or terminating a pregnancy by using medications or pills. Medical abortions don’t involve surgery or anesthesia, and they may be performed in a doctor’s office or at home, with follow-up sessions with your doctor. During early pregnancy, medication abortion is the safest and most effective treatment option. Your choice of abortion method is absolutely based on your own opinions and situation. Certain individuals prefer Medical abortion or abortion with pills since it does not require a procedure at a hospital/clinic. Anyone can perform a medication abortion at home or anywhere else that is appropriate for oneself. One can decide to be with someone or can simply get it done by themselves.

What is the mechanism of the abortion pill?

The use of the abortion pill refers to the use of two drugs namely misoprostol and mifepristone. When both drugs are available, the first drug to be taken is mifepristone, after that misoprostol can be taken one or two days later. Mifepristone is usually taken by mouth. Misoprostol is placed in the mouth, either between the cheek and gums or beneath the tongue, to dissolve.

To begin, one should take a tablet called mifepristone. To develop naturally during pregnancy, a hormone known as progesterone is required. Mifepristone restrains the growth of pregnancy by not allowing the body’s natural release of progesterone.

Then, either straight after or 48 hours later, you take the second drug, misoprostol. To evacuate your uterus, this drug produces discomfort and bleeding. It feels like you’re having a particularly severe, painful period, and the procedure is a lot like an early miscarriage. In case you do not experience any bleeding within twenty-four hours of consuming the second pill it is better to get immediate medical assistance.

How can I tell whether the pills are genuine and not fake?

Mifepristone and misoprostol are both available as tablets or pills. Misoprostol tablets have a distinctive six-sided form; this might not always be the case. Mifepristone comes in the form of a round, white pill. These drugs are not genuine if they are sold in capsule form. The pills should be in white color. The pills should be ideally packaged in an unbroken double-aluminum blister pack and should be bought from a reputable pharmacy or pharmaceutical provider. The pills should be bought after checking the expiration date.

Is it possible to purchase abortion pills without having any prescription?

Mifepristone and misoprostol are available through a healthcare professional, pharmacies, and medication stores, and can even be purchased online. A prescription may be necessary to purchase abortion pills from a neighborhood pharmacy or pharmaceutical vendor, depending on where you reside. The two drugs, however, are often supplied without a prescription. Because it is also used in the treatment of ulcers and to prevent or halt severe bleeding after childbirth, misoprostol is often considerably simpler to get. Online pharmacies and groups that enable people who want to self-manage their abortions sell mifepristone and misoprostol combi-packs and misoprostol alone.

Side effects that are common after taking abortion pills:

Vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramps are common side effects of the drugs used in medical abortions. They may also result in:

  • Nausea
  • Feeling unwell
  • Loose motion
  • Headache

Medications would be given for you to cope with the discomfort after and during a medical abortion.

When should I use the abortion pill?

According to studies, the abortion pill should be administered before the 10th week of pregnancy. One might be permitted to have a medical abortion up to eleven weeks following the first day of one’s previous menstruation, based on where one resides. One can get a clinical abortion to prevent childbirth if it was already seventy-eight days or more from the first day of their previous menstruation.

The abortion pill has great efficacy. The effectiveness of the medication is dependent on the stage of your pregnancy process and at which stage you consume the pills.

The Healing process following a successful abortion is generally quick; however, it varies from woman to woman. A woman might probably feel a mixture of emotions after an abortion, including relief, disappointment, despair, and remorse. These emotions are common. It could be helpful to discuss them with a therapist.

You should visit and consult your doctor again after a medical abortion to ensure you are healing correctly and to assess the condition of your uterus in order to check whether there are any indications of infection.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff