How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

by James Martin

 If you want, you can access the history of everything that you have liked on Instagram.  You can use the Instagram app to access them, using a feature that is hidden in the settings, and which most people may not be aware of.  This feature comes in handy especially if you want to go back and take a close and in-depth look at whatever content that you may have liked, and the possible reasons that made you like them.

Seeing photos that you had liked some time back also enables you to audit them, and may dislike a few that you may have liked by mistake. You can do this without bothering your mind to recall which content they were, or having to start searching for every post the manual way. Also, remember that when you like posts, other people also like back, and this just works just as fine.

According to Instagram account management service, users can only see the first 300 of the posts which they had liked. That having said, they take other people’s privacy seriously, and you cannot see the posts that they have liked on Instagram because of some privacy concerns.

1. How to see your liked posts on Instagram using iPhone or Android

Here is how you can see liked posts on Instagram 

  • Go to the profile icon, which is located at the bottom-right in the app.
  • Tap the Instagram menu. This is the “hamburger” icon which is located at the top right side.
  • Choose settings.
  • Then go to “Account” and tap on the “posts you’ve liked”.

After you have done these, that is it. It can be as simple as that! You can then be able to see all the posts which you have liked in a grid format. Also, if you prefer, you can opt to switch to the full layout, which can be possible if you have an iPhone. You can see the Instagram content that you have liked in the way that it appears.

2. Viewing your liked posts on a PC

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for you to view your liked posts on a personal computer or desktop. This can be attributed to the fact that the web version of Instagram provides limited features and functions. However, this should never worry you because there is a way that you can circumvent the available limitation and still view the posts that you had liked on Instagram using a personal computer or desktop.

Mac and Windows users may choose to install Layoutify, which in essence is an improved layout for Instagram. It’s also available as a Google Chrome extension and works by messing up the original format and layout of the Instagram website, and this provides you with a way that you can get the job done. You can then start seeing your history of liked posts on your laptop or desktop. After you have completed installing Layoutify, go to on your browser and click on the three horizontal dots that are located at the top right section of the website.

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