IBJJF Brazilian jiu-jitsu rules to remember.

by Carter Toni

IBJJF Brazilian jiu-jitsu rules to remember

Competing for the IBJJF, there are lots of factors that you have to consider, and those factors include weight, overall physical fitness, your skills, and techniques. But these factors are not sufficient to win the match. Instead there are certain rules and SOPs that you have to follow during the fighting sessions. IBJJF is run by the alliance, named Gracia barra ( the biggest BJJ team) and there are several rules which are set by Gracia barra that you have to remember and follow during your fighting and training sessions. So in today’s blog, I will discuss some of these rules which you have to follow.

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IBJJF Brazilian jiu-jitsu rules.

RULE NO:1   No slamming, pulling or lifting your opponent.

According to IBJJF Brazilian jiu-jitsu rules, there should be no lifting, pulling, or slamming of opponents allowed during the fight. Moreover, both of you ( you and your opponent) cannot spit on each other, and cannot stab each other’s head as well because it’s against the rules. Also if one of you is being stuck in the opponent’s arms (in an armbar or triangle) you have to get yourself out wisely from the challenging situation without slapping, pushing, or firing your opponent.

RULE NO:2 Do not argue with the referee.

You cannot argue with the referee, and cannot challenge his decisions, because it’s against the policy. If any one of you tries to talk with the referee verbally or by your hands, you will be fined straight away. So Instead of that, you have to listen to the referee and have to obey his decision so that you should not lose any score. So in short it’s useless to argue with the mediator ( referee),  just have control over your emotions and aggression, and follow his directions/decisions wisely.

RULE NO:3 Do not celebrate the triumph.

If you score, you cannot celebrate your success during the match, because it’s against the rules and you will be punished if you start celebrating your victory during the match. Also if you reach the fourth penalty, you will get unqualified for the match. So you need to be very careful regarding this rule.

RULE NO:4 Do not run away from the mat, during submission.

It’s not legal to run away from the mat if you are being caught in the triangle by your opponent. If in case you get escaped from the mat unintentionally then the situation will be different, but in other cases, the referee won’t be able to save you from the challenging situation if you run out from the mat, while you are submitting or standing.

So from my point of view, escaping is a cowardly act and one should try to get himself out of the challenging situation by acting smartly. Or you can also simply “tap” in order to prevent yourself from any type of harm or injuries.

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RULE NO:5 Getting into a good position.

This means that the athlete must choose a good position for himself before executing the submission. You can choose the side mount or the back mount whatever position is favorable for you. That simply means you need to get in the domination position or secure a position first, instead of submitting.

Rule no:6 Defend and protect yourself.

This strategy was created by Helio Gracie the grandmaster. He said that it’s important for the BJJ athlete to defend and protect himself first, and as an athlete, you must learn about various strategies to make your opponent so exhausted and tired that he starts making several blunders, and from this condition of your opponent, you can get a good chance of submitting.

Remember BJJ Is also about giving respect to your partner, teammates, and your coach as well, and you also have to listen carefully to your instructor/ coach as well. You have to follow the directions dictated by your trainer, and if there will be no respect there will be more chances of injuries as well.

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