Implications of Improper Demolition Activity

by James Martin

There are times when a portion of a building or the entire structure becomes dangerous for use or you might be willing to change the layout of a specific part which often makes the demolition process almost unavoidable.

House Demolition in Melbourne is not just turning up to the site with excavators and bulldozers, this process involves a lot of time and risks which requires greater planning. Thus, having a proper plan would ensure that the demolition process is carried out smoothly and efficiently.

However, improper demolition can cause potential threats to you as well as your workers. Hence, it is often advisable for you to hire professional contractors as the demolition process involves high risks which can lead to both immediate and long term health effects.

So, here is a list of the consequences that might occur due to a demolition activity:

  1. Worker’s injury:

Worker’s injury is one of the most common problems that might occur due to an improper demolition activity. It is quite common for the workers to fall off my heights if professional contractors do not carry out the demolition process. And if you get new equipment, such as a mini excavator for sale, always ensure your team knows how to handle it.

Therefore, the workers need to have the right equipment such as sturdy scaffoldings, strong harnesses and helmets to ensure their complete safety.

Hence, you must leave this job to the professional demolition contractors as they would make use of the best techniques to avoid such accidents. They are completely covered by liability insurance which, making it easy for them to cover the costs associated with these unfortunate mishaps.

  1. Sudden collapse:

An improperly handled and unplanned demolition increases the chances of the collapse of the chunks of a building. This is majorly caused due to the lack of adequate supporting material or a proper understanding of the entire structure.

So, go for a professional demolition contractor as they would have the required expertise to evaluate the entire structure and use appropriate supporting materials to ensure that a particular portion doesn’t collapse suddenly.

  1. Falling debris:

It is quite common for the debris to fall around during the demolition process. While some are small and harmless, many are big enough to create difficulties for the workers and passers-by.

In this case, a reputed demolition company would always ensure to use covered scaffoldings so that the debris doesn’t scatter all over the place and falls in a particular area on the ground.

  1. Incomplete disconnection of utilities:

It is highly important for you to cut off all the electricity, gas, telephone and other supply lines before you begin with the process of demolition. If you don’t disconnect them properly then there are chances that the workers might suffer from burn injuries, exposed to gas or may even trip due to telephonic wires.

  1. Rodent infestation:

There are always chances of the workers getting bitten by rodents or pests that are hidden in the ceilings and corners if the demolition process is carried out by an unprofessional.

Such dirty areas not only affect the overall health of the workers but also lead to rabies and other sorts of diseases.

  1. Demolition dust and exposure:

It is almost impossible for any individual to avoid the dust accompanied by the demolition activity. However, if this isn’t taken care of or you don’t consider the materials that are being demolished, then it might even lead to some serious health issues.

For example- there are several buildings that have asbestos that are supposed to be removed. However, if you perform the demolition without their removal then it may expose the people in the surrounding areas to asbestos fibre which has become displaced and air-borne.

Furthermore, it is mandatory for you to minimise the dust associated with the demolition as it reduces the risks that this might cause to the surrounding people and the significant fines that are incurred.

  1. Collapsed buildings:

Engineers construct the buildings very precisely as specific support structures are required to hold the building properly. So, it is quite possible for the entire building to collapse unexpectedly during the demolition if the building isn’t thoroughly inspected.

Hence, you must work with highly trained workers who would undertake proper safety precautions during the demolition.  These precautionary measures include avoiding specific areas and adding certain support structures.

  1. Explosion or fires:

It is essential for the demolition workers to check all the pipes and wires even if they are turned off as a pipe can still contain gas and any ignition can create a potential explosion.

This can cause serious injuries to the workers and other surrounding neighbours.

Moreover, this might even damage the surrounding structures which leads to costly repairs.

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