Is it harmful to drink when you have diabetes?

by James Martin

Drinking a cup of wine doesn’t cause many problems for most people. For people with serious health conditions like diabetes, alcohol can cause serious health risks. Understanding how alcohol affects heart and sugar levels is essential for diabetes patients. 

Alcohol is one of the depressants consumed by people worldwide. The general physician in Nagpur claims that alcohol is a hypnotic drug as it affects CNS badly. Alcohol affects almost all organs in the human body. Once you consume alcohol, it gets absorbed in your small intestine and stomach. 

When you consume excess alcohol, it circulates in your bloodstream. Excess alcohol that doesn’t get decomposed by the liver. It gets excreted by organs like lungs, kidneys, and hearts through urine and sweat. In low proportion, alcohol acts as a stimulant. 

The overall health condition of a person plays a pivotal role in determining how alcohol reacts with body cells. People with high sugar count or diabetes should be mindful about consuming alcohol. 

The general physician in Nagpur says that alcohol consumption affects sugar count. It’s because body cells need to balance sugar count. People who have alcohol in excess drain out their energy level over time. 

Alcohol consumption can reduce the effectiveness of insulin. It causes liver disease and the sugar level of your body increases. People having the alcoholic disease can have diabetes. 

Some medications become less effective with alcohol consumption. People with high sugar counts should pay attention to the prescriptions. People consuming alcohol tend to suffer from low sugar count. 

It happens as the liver needs to put the effort into removing alcohol from the blood. People who drink can experience conditional consciousnesses. Following are the symptoms of low sugar count that match with liquor consumption.

  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion or instability
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Loss of balance
  • Unconsciousness


How does alcohol affect diabetes patients? 

Liquor not only affects the blood sugar count of diabetes patients but also has other ill effects. Here is how alcohol affects people with diabetes. 

  • It stimulates the appetite of the drinker. It encourages people to overeat and increases blood sugar levels. 
  • It becomes hard to control weight loss as liquor contains excess calories.
  • It decreases the willpower to change lifestyle and nicotine quitting. 

How does beef affect diabetes patients?

Do you have diabetes? Do you want to continue drinking with a high sugar count? The diabetologist doctor in Nagpur states that it’s essential for you to check sugar levels before and after meals. Wine, beer, and other beverages contain 2% to 20% alcohol. Spirits have 45% to 50% alcohol. Diabetologists claim that people with high sugar counts should avoid consuming alcohol. 

Follow the tips if you plan to consume alcohol with a high sugar count. 

  • Women shouldn’t have more than one glass each day. 
  • Men shouldn’t have more than two glasses each day. 
  • It is better not to drink on empty stomach.
  • Avoid drinking if your sugar count is low.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with a zero-calorie drink like soda or water. 
  • Go for zero-calorie drinkers like diet-toned water. For more info, contact the diabetologist doctor in Nagpur today. 


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