Know More About Online Medicine Shopping in India

by Carter Toni

Online medicine shopping is a phrase nobody ever heard of 10 years back. Everyone used their local pharmacy to buy medicines, which had lots of disadvantages:

  • Expensive and no discounts
  • Inconvenient
  • Time-taking
  • No home delivery system
  • No range of choices on medicines
  • No returns and refunds

These disadvantages provoked the arrival of medicine delivery apps in India. Online medicine shopping has made the life of every individual easy and has now become a normal thing.

But, many medicine delivery apps are unsafe to use:

  • Many e-pharmacies are not registered by the government. Online medicine shopping from these pharmacies is risky and may result in fraud.
  • Many medicine delivery apps sell medicines without a valid prescription. The drug sold without a valid prescription could be unsafe or life-threatening to consume.
  • Their false guidance on whether a medicine is suitable for you, the dosage, side effects, and any harmful interactions with other drugs can be dangerous.
  • Drugs on medicine delivery apps or websites could also be dangerous to your health. It might be expired, diluted, or fake.
  • Some medicine delivery apps don’t protect your personal and financial information.

Despite several fake online medicine shopping apps in India, an app selling safe drugs with the support of certified doctors is Truemeds. Truemeds, among many medicine delivery apps in India, is safer and better. Have you used it yet? If you haven’t, you are missing everything!

Truemeds is a reputable online medicine shopping app that supplies medicines from India’s top 30 medicine makers with a discount of up to 72%. It has started popularizing among the citizens of India because:

  • The online medicine shopping app is registered by RoC-Kanpur and sells CDSCO tested and approved medicines.
  • Truemeds follows all the guidelines set by the government and keeps your data within the app.
  • The app to order online medicine is for everyone, including elderly or disabled persons. You can order the medicines on Truemeds without sacrificing your comfort. You can even create your or your loved one’s health profile for convenience in medicines delivery.
  • If you have a busy schedule, don’t stress and use the online medicine shopping app of Truemeds. You can order medicine in a maximum of five minutes. 
  • Truemeds supplies medicines from the top 30 drug manufacturers. 
  • Trumeds offers a discount of up to 72% on every medicine it supplies. Do your medicine delivery apps give this high discount?
  • Truemeds provides free doctor consultation, especially for people who find difficulty in talking face-to-face with doctors.
  • In case of a mistake with medicines, the app to order online medicine offers easy exchange and returns. Your money is refundable within 48 hours only!
  • Truemeds provide you with an option of cash on delivery while checking out for your convenience and trust.

Now, you know why you are missing everything when you do not use Truemeds!

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