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Sex toys are a fun way to mix things up in (and out) the room to increase intimacy with your partner. trying something new and exciting together.

Fingers, mouths, and genitals are great and can go a long way when used effectively, but living in the 21st century, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the plethora of vibrators, sex toys and fun accessories out there.

While diving into all this satisfaction, it is also important to understand that the safety of your sex toys should also be considered. If you want your sex toys to satisfy you continuously, then you must be ready to keep them safe and maintained so that they can effectively serve you.

Like every other tool that we use daily at home, we tend to keep them clean and safe by either washing, greasing, oiling, and the likes. The same thing is expected of your sex toys. Your sex toys need to be kept clean and neat always.

However, before investing in storage equipment for your sex toy or toys, you must literally measure your collection. To make sure the solution fits your needs, you should know the length of the toy in question, as many boxes and storage bags can only hold toys up to 7 or 20 inches in length.

You should also consider what accessories to store in addition to the toys themselves, Things like lubricants, condoms, toy cleaners, chargers, etc. They should have a place in any storage system you choose. Finally, it’s always a good idea to invest in a storage option that will leave room for your collection to grow.

Cleaning: Make sure you clean your sex toys before first use. Keeping your sex toys clean is of great importance particularly to you the user, the cleaning process depends on the material with which the toy is made up of.

For your plastic toys, it is advisable to use antibacterial or washcloths to clean them properly.

Silicone or glass toys can be washed with soap and water.

The best cleaning method for a sex toy inserted into any hole is to place a condom over it. When you’re done, just roll out the condom and dispose of it properly. Condoms help create safety and balance when you want to have a personal sexual exploration all by yourself when you are sharing toys with your partner or for switching between anal and vaginal penetration.

It is however much better to use two vibrators with a condom, one for anal penetration and the other for vaginal penetration. Using a single vibrator for both penetrations is not advisable.


Most sex toys are comfortable by creating vibration. These vibrations consume energy, and it is advisable to always have an extra battery available. But in the case of the sex toys that are available in my lily store, you don’t have to worry about external battery, because our toys are inbuilt with batteries that are easily rechargeable with a USB. You don’t need to go too far and cut your pleasure short because you ran out of power, our sex toys are USB rechargeable.  It’s no fun having a slow vibrator or letting the vibrator die before you get to the point.

Sometimes we are in such a good mood that our vibrators work overtime. Again, if you’re running marathons, investing in toys with a good battery lifespan is what you need, and you can easily find this on my lily store. 

Store in a cool dry place:

Once you’re done playing with your toy, the next thing to do is clean it very well. It is recommended that you read the toy labels to know if it is waterproof or not. Otherwise, take extra care to keep water away from the battery compartment. The next step is to store in a cool, dry place. It must not be stored in a place with High temperatures and humidity. A good place to keep your sex toys is your drawer in the room or your dressing table compartment, somewhere that is quickly and easily accessible. Some sex toys come with their own special casing which makes storing them easier. 

Storage bags for sex toys

There are as many ways as possible to store sex toys based on the various types of sex toys, but for most people, a storage bag is the best option. The bags offer the flexibility to store oddly shaped toys, such as rabbit-shaped vibrators with their protruding tickles and are also perfect for travel. Security of the identity of the product you are carrying in the bag is guaranteed.

Plain cotton or polyester drawstring bags are a good, inexpensive option. There are also storage bags like Sugar Sac, which are specially designed for sex toys and have a special inner lining that prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, mildew, and viruses.

Whichever way you choose to keep or store your sex toys, make sure it is healthy enough for your body. 

Storage boxes

This is another means of storing your sex toys.  A dedicated storage box is the best option for people with a larger collection of toys and for those who want to keep items like lubricants, condoms, and chargers in one place. While regular plastic cans work well for this purpose, plan to store each toy in its own bag to avoid material destruction that can occur if the toys are mixed up.

It is also worth knowing that there are special boxes for storing toys! Some features to look out for include antimicrobial liners, removable or adjustable trays for toys of various sizes and shapes, and USB ports for charging toys when not in use. If you’re concerned about keeping prying eyes away from it, choose a padlocked one.

Whichever way you choose to keep or store your sex toys, make sure it is healthy enough for your body. We highly suggest to purchase yours on a dedicated female sex store: My Lily

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